John Cornyn, GOP Senators Work With Biden Crony Chris Coons to Force CRT into Schools Nationwide


Last Updated on July 5, 2022

A group of GOP lawmakers that includes pro-gun control Texas Senator John Cornyn is working with close Joe Biden associate Chris Coons, the Democrat Senator from Delaware, to force Critical Race Theory into kids’ school curricula nationwide under the guise of civics education.

The Civics Secures Democracy Act, known as the CSDA for short, is being sponsored by Delaware Democrat and close Biden ally Chris Coons, with pro-gun control Texas Republican John Cornyn signing on as a co-sponsor. Additionally, Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly – who once donned a Nazi uniform in a yearbook photo – Maine Independent Democrat Angus King, and Republican Senators Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana have signed onto the pro-CRT legislation as co-sponsors.

The legislation had previously been introduced in 2021 but failed to make it to the President’s desk for a signature, prompting Coons and Cornyn to re-introduce it this year.

Though proponents of the bill claim it “secures democracy” by allocating billions to educate school kids on American civics, the legislation includes funding, to the tune of $15 million, for the pro-CRT Prince Hall Fellowship program, which exists to “diversify the civics and history education workforce.”

While the legislation claims to bar the Secretary of Education from establishing a national, uniform civics curriculum, the bill does empower far-left Biden Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to distribute billions of dollars’ worth of civics education grants to schools and organizations of his choosing. That factor has led to concerns that the pro-1619 Project secretary will leverage school divisions to push CRT in exchange for money.

In an op-ed, the National Review slammed the legislation as a “bogus civics bill” and a “$6 billion pot of competitive grant money [that] will create a de facto national curriculum” and employ CRT against schoolkids nationwide.

While Cornyn and other supporters of the bill have ignored and mocked its opponents, their concerns aren’t without merit, or real-world experiences to validate them. Previously, Biden and Cardona’s education department sought to compel school divisions to employ anti-white, anti-American curricula from the New York Times’ 1619 Project in exchange for funding but removed that requirement after widespread public opposition to the matter.

In addition to his support of Chris Coons’ pro-CRT legislation, Texas Republican John Cornyn has come under intense scrutiny from his constituents, who are referring to him by the “Republican In Name Only” “RINO” monicker quite frequently, due to his work with Democrats.

Cornyn has recently thrown his support behind Joe Biden’s gun control agenda and is also reportedly working on an immigration deal with Democrats that includes amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. At the recent convention of the Texas GOP, Cornyn was loudly booed by members of his own party.

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