Joker Movie Currently Ranks IMDb Ninth Highest Rated Movie of All Time


It’s early days, but the Joker Movie, which has been a source of recent politico-cultural controversy, already ranks ninth on IMDb’s highest rated movies of all times.

Sandwiched between Pulp Fiction and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Joker has enjoyed monstrous success scoring a record $13.3M on Thursday night.

Variety states:

The R-rated “Joker” is directed by Todd Phillips from a screenplay he wrote with Scott Silver about a failed stand-up comedian who becomes a psychopathic criminal. Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Bill Camp and Marc Maron also star. Concerns have been raised about the violence-laden film glamorizing a mass killer. New York and Los Angeles police are deploying officers to theaters screening the film this weekend.

Joker is expected to surpass previous Box Office records on Opening Weekend.

The theme of the movie, culturally linked to hard right sh*tposters on social media, and, what has been described by the press as the ‘Incel Ideology’; much concern by pundits and the media has been expressed about mass shootings at movie theaters.

The media has even suggested a political alternative movie to the Joker–CUCK.

Several unverified photos have gone viral on social media displaying notices from movie theaters restricting access to single men–referring to the panic induced by incel-related fear stoked up by the media.

Of course, some of the unverified photos have been humorously doctored into memes interrogating the state of contemporary society and the media’s knee jerk responses to movies which contain themes outside the acceptable progressive monopoly on truth.

Perhaps the memefication of the Joker movie contributes to its success–in addition to its full devotion to prevailing norms, the meme-worthy character of the Joker, and free publication in the form of negative press by the media.

Joker director, Todd Phillips, also blamed ‘woke’ culture for significantly damaging comedy.