Judge Keeps Anti-Trump Juror in Roger Stone Trial, Ignores Conflict of Interest


U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee, refused on Tuesday to remove a potential juror with a clear conflict of interest in the high profile Roger Stone Trial.

The potential juror served as a press secretary in the Office of Management and Budget during the Obama administration, according to Politico and Reuters.

According to Daily Caller, the defense lawyers told the judge that the woman admitted to holding negative feelings about President Donald J. Trump.  Additionally her husband also currently works in the Justice Department’s national security division, which was involved in the investigation of the Trump campaign and other Trump associates, including Stone.

Stone has been embroiled with a lawfare scheme, led by the government, against him, meant to punish him for helping Trump win the Presidency in 2016. He faces five counts of making false statements to Congress, one count of witness intimidation and one count of obstructing an official proceeding.

The Democrats have been intent on impeaching Trump since his victorious 2016 election and they developed a conspiracy theory using the full weight of their government power and authority to falsely present Russian collusion between the Trump Campaign in the election, to the American people.

With the Democrats in control of intelligence agencies and most of the Government workers in D.C., a scheme was designed to stop Trump’s America first policies during his campaign, to shift Government power to the hands of the Democrats.

In a clear and established pattern of behavior by Mueller, the plan to put pressure on Stone and all of his own associates with legal bills and hearings, was to get him to “roll” on Trump, giving Robert S. Mueller, the special prosecutor in the Russian Collusion Hoax,  material to impeach Trump.

Stone has been steadfast that he would not lie about Trump, that he would not roll on Trump,  but would stand trial himself.

Jackson said that she accepted the potential juror’s claim that she did not have an opinion of the Stone case. “She said credibly she doesn’t have an opinion on this case,” Jackson said, according to Reuters.