Kanye Calls Planned Parenthood A ‘Holocaust Museum’


Last Updated on October 18, 2022

In response to a suggestion by Dov Charney, the CEO of American Apparel, Ye West compared Planned Parenthood to the Holocaust, in reference to the millions of babies that have been aborted since the practice was legalized at the federal level.

“I’m talking about putting out my White Lives Matter tee. The White Lives Matter Tee don’t say nothing, it don’t say DEFCON or nothing on it, right and I out it out and [Dov Charney’s] telling me like, ‘Yo I want you to visit the Holocaust Museum’ and I was like, ‘Yo, I want you to visit Planned Parenthood, that’s our Holocaust Museum,’” the Grammy Award-winner said.

“We made the White Lives Matter Tees. I took it over to Dov Charney at LA Apparel and he founded Los Angeles Apparel. Then we made the White Lives Matter tee’s and then when I put up the tweet, the DEFCON tweet, now he ain’t releasing the tee, because he’s Jewish. And I’m like see, this is my exact point that I’m making, like Jewish people have owned the Black voice. Whether it’s through us wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt or it’s all of us being assigned to a record label or having a Jewish manger or being signed to a Jewish basketball team or doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney,” West stated.

“I respect what the Jewish people have done and how they’ve brought their people together,” the musician added.

“I love Dov [Charney] just as a human being,” West said during the interview.

“I’m like yo I put my life on this at this point, because they’ve been f**king with me too long.”

Ye spoke on the topic of abortion during his interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News.

“I don’t care about people’s responses. I care about the fact that there’s more Black babies being aborted than born in NYC at this point [and] that 50% of Black death in America is abortion,” West said to Carlson. “So, I really don’t care about people’s responses. I perform for an audience of one and that’s God.”

“What they do is take the black community and they separate us. They separate the families, ” West contended.

“So my mom she had a PhD and she was influenced to move to the South Side of Chicago at Chicago State University and she told my dad, ‘if you come for us, you will never see him again,’” West said. “Because you know, the media ridiculed me for getting the house next door to Kim, to see my children. They even said that I was stalking her and her new boyfriend because I bought the house next-door to see my children.”

“I said, ‘Dad why’d you never come to get us?’”

“That’s when he told me he was told that,” West said.

At a public event in South Carolina in 2020, West became emotional when he spoke about the discussion he had with his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, about the possibility of the implementation of an abortion on their daughter, North West.

“My wife she said she was pregnant, and for one month and two months and three months, we talked about her not having this child. She had the pills in her hand. People know these pills, where you take the pills, and if you take it, it’s a wrap. The baby’s gone,” West told the audience at the time.

“I’m in the apartment where my wife was actually robbed and I had my laptop up and I had my laptop up and I had all my creative ideas…and the screen went black and white. And God said, ‘If you fuck with my vision, I’m going to fuck with yours. And I called my wife, and she said, We’re going to have this baby,’” West relayed.

“My mom saved my life. My dad wanted to abort me. My mom saved my life. There would’ve been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy,” West said before he broke down in tears.

“I almost killed my daughter! I I almost killed my daughter!” West yelled at the event.

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