Kanye West Calls Pete Davidson A ‘Heroin Addict’


Last Updated on October 16, 2022

After he was locked out of his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Grammy-winning rapper and producer, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, called out Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah, in addition to the “Jewish Media,” in an interview with rapper, N.O.R.E., and DJ EFN on the talk show Drink Champs.

West has lost a bank account, multiple and endorsements and had four stadium concert performances cancelled after he appeared with Candace Owens while he donned a t-shirt that read “White Lives Matter.”

“I’m Semite. We Jew. So I can’t be Anti-Semite. First of all, I need my 4 Stadiums back. The 78 media outlets that called me an abuser when I was trying to get that heroin addict away from my kids, that was tattooing my kids’ names on him,” Ye stated. “Skeet? Pete? Davidson.”

“Trevor Noah? Not even from America,” he added. “gonna say ‘Yo Kim it’s going to get dangerous.’ So he’s putting all that ‘he’s crazy, he’s so OJ… I just want the family back together.”


“I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of y’all no more and we don’t have to be afraid,” Ye said.



Davidson was recently spotted urinating in public, immediately next to the Rolls Royce of his partner, Kim Kardashian. West’s ex-wife recently told her octogenarian grandmother about her sexual fireplace-side escapade with Davidson.


“Kim is a Christian. On TMZ I just saw yesterday they said Pete Davidson and Kim have sex by the fireplace to honor their grandmother,” Ye shared.

He then paused for a moment. “It’s Jewish Zionists that’s about that life. That’s telling this Christian woman, that has four black children, to put that out as a message in the media. So when I drive by and I see the Hulu ads and I see the JP Morgan Chase ads, I’ma tell you right now, the devil is a defeated foe,” Ye declared. “You can’t poison me.”

“And by the way, y’all already done fucked with me so much You already Black Mirrored me. You already made everyone think I’m crazy. You already took my family away. You already separated all of my friends. I don’t got no celebrity friends,” West said emphatically.

“My point off the tweet: What does that even mean what I said? The fact that I got taken off [social media] proves my point,” Ye declared. “You get used to that. Paparazzi taking a picture of you, you ain’t get no money off it. You just get used to getting screwed by the Jewish media.”

“When I wore the White Lives Matter [t-shirt}, I had four SoFi Stadium shows. They cancelled my shows.”

Ye also called out American actress, Jamie Lee Curtis. “Jamie Lee Curtis went on TV and he said, ‘I hope they take his children away from him. I hope they take his children away from him.”

“They been f**king with me for too long. They put the ‘crazy’ narrative out there,” he said. “My Jewish trainer, Harley Pasternak, who is Lizzo’s trainer, put it in the press, when I went to the hospital, put it in the press,” Ye revealed. “I got a bunch of friends that go to the hospital, it didn’t go to the press.”

According to the musician, Canadian American personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, tipped off the media that a time when Ye went to the hospital. He also revealed the lengths to which powerful figures in the media have gone to silence him in the past.

“So, they’ll go and get a dude who’s supposed to be my friend that’s been taping me the whole time and buy this n***a out for $30 million,” he said.

“I thought you co-signed that?” the show host asked.

“I ain’t co-sign it,” Ye responded. “Y’all done poked the bear too many times. Y’all should have learned with Drake. Y’all should have learned with Puff. Y’all should have learned with Hov [Jay-Z]. Y’all dealing with a different kind of animal here.”

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