Lana Del Ray Calls Furries ‘Gross’


During a recent live stream, pop star, Lana Del Ray, implied that the furry community was gross.

One of her fans asked her a question pertaining to the growing community, to which she replied aghast, “I’m not a furry, you guys are gross.”

The singer’s remarks weren’t entirely well received.

Some members of the Furry community expressed their sadness at the comment.

According to Pink News:

During a livestream with her fans on September 4, someone asked if Lana was a furry and her reply was clear: “I’m not a furry, you guys are gross.”

The Grammy-nominated artist was mid-vape when she said that furries are gross.

Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, was released last week, August 30.

She previously won two Brit awards, for international breakthrough act and international female solo artist, in 2012 and 2013.

Her last album, Lust for Life, was nominated for a Grammy award in 2018.

On furries, Bro Bible reported:

Furries are people who enjoy wearing costumes that look like anthropomorphic animal characters, but have human personalities and characteristics. Furries develop their own “fursona,” which represents their animal persona, whether they are pretending to be a wolf, a cat or a dragon. Some furries use their furry fandom to satisfy sexual desires. One study of furries found that for 37% of furries sexual attraction is important in their furry activities.

Last week, a member of the furry community went viral on social media after it was alleged they had deliberately destroyed his hands with dry ice to force an amputation to fulfill a sexual desire.