LAURA LOOMER: ‘We Are Changing The Republican Party’


Laura Loomer, the GOP candidate for Florida’s 21st District, told Alex Jones that grassroots activists like herself are changing the Republican Party.

Loomer successfully won her primary to represent President Trump’s residential district in Florida on Tuesday night, and is set to go up against Democrat Lois Frankel in November, who has held the seat since 2017.

The conservative activist spoke to Alex Jones after her victory, informing Jones that she was warned to “never do InfoWars again” if she wanted to have a chance at winning the primary race. “They say that you are toxic, just like they say about me,” Loomer told Jones:

I said screw you okay, Alex Jones is a freedom fighter, he’s a patriot, he’s fighting for the First Amendment, and I am never going to sideline any of my friends or any of the people I know for the sake of optics. We are changing the Republican party, and we are going to force them to come to the table and have a discussion with freedom fighters like you, like Gavin McInnes, like Milo, and like other people in this country who have been completely silenced and banned, because we are the people who led the cultural revolution in 2016 when President Trump was nominated and elected. President Trump went on InfoWars and he told you you were amazing.

Loomer continued, noting that the people who helped get President Trump elected and “energised the grassroots” were not the establishment, but people like her and Jones, and that it is time to change the Republican Party from the ground up.

That is what the Republican Party are missing now, and that is what they need to return to if they want to secure Trump’s victory in 2020. It is not the elites, it is not the establishment in DC that has President Trump’s best interests [at heart] and who got him elected. It is we the people, the freedom fighters, the grassroots, and the so-called provocateurs who they have sidelined for the last 4 years.

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She concluded that she would run her platform focusing on the censorship of conservatives, especially from Big Tech sites like Twitter and Facebook, of which she herself was a victim. “I’m going to make it my priority to make sure to provide a voice for everybody who has been silenced, for everybody who has been banned,” she said:

I am going to force this issue to the forefront of the Republican party ticket this election cycle, because we can no longer allow for the radical left in this country to destroy freedom of expression because it is the underpin of Western civilisation. Freedom of speech is what makes this country great… We are going to flip this seat in November and send shockwaves.