LEAK: 84% of Female Soldiers Fail Military Fitness Test


The overwhelming majority of female soldiers have failed the military’s fitness test according to a leaked document.

Much controversy has surrounded gender equality and women when it comes to combat roles.

Although it has become politically incorrect to say so, many have questioned the physical abilities of women in military and law enforcement roles compared to their male counterparts.

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A debate about transgender power lifters and athletes competing as women erupted after several transgender athletes smoked their competition–given how they’ve been endowed with innate biological advantages over biological females.

According to a leaked document reported on by Popular Military:

The “unisex” Army Combat Fitness Test has become a disaster for female Soldiers, as around 84 percent of them can’t seem to pass it, according to a leaking army document.

Leaked ACFT numbers obtained by Clearance Jobs writer David Brown show around 36% of Soldiers fail the new fitness test, with around 30% of men failing while 84% of women failed to meet the mark. On the passing side, around 70% of men pass, while a mere 16% of women can clear the pass/fail hurdle.

The information was confirmed by a leader at the ACFT test battalion, who stated the numbers were almost exactly with that of the unit.

The ACFT consists of a strength dead-life, a standing power throw, hand-release pushups, a spring-drag-carry, a leg tuck, and a 2-mile run.

With the recent culturally-accepted drives to promote equality, within a meritocratic framework, there can be no room for such ideals as reality is politically incorrect.

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Quality will inevitably drop if concessions are made to allow for prevailing political dogma centered on equality.

Several fitness tests have been simplified to allow women to enter the ranks.

Police forces, military forces, and even the elite SAS have all lowered their standards to attract female recruits.

Of course, in a life or death situation, many people won’t be reveling in the gender equality of those in uniform as long as they remain safe.