Lebanese Anti-Gov Protesters Wear ‘Joker’ Face Paint


A wave of international protests sweeping across the planet has seen some interesting face masks and face paint used by a number of protesters.

According to India Times, hundred of protesters have worn ‘Joker’ face paint in Beirut to protest the Lebanese government.

The spark which ignited the powder keg in Lebanon was a proposed tax on WhatsApp calls.

However, deeper issues such as economic stagnation, endemic corruption and a lack of basic public services have yet to be resolved.

Despite backpeddling on the initial proposal, disgruntled protesters have continued to publicly vent their frustrations over chronic societal malaise.

In one of the final scenes of the Joker movie, Joker becomes a symbol of resistance against Gotham’s plutocratic order, perhaps inspiring the appropriation of the fictional character as a symbol of resistance.

Locals have claimed that protests in Lebanon has inculcated a sense of national unity. Demands to replace the current government has bridged differences between sects.

Protests have struck Lebanon, Chile, France–and, most notably, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Protesters Wear Pepe The Frog Facepaint To Evade Capture

Hong Kong protesters made international headlines with their masks of choice, including Pepe The Frog, LeBron James, Winnie The Pooh, and Guy Fawkes.

Hong Kong Protest Masks: Lebron James, Pepe the Frog, Guy Fawkes and Winnie The Pooh

Pepe The Frog has become something of an international symbol of resistance after it was adopted by Hong Kong protesters to depict an incident where a girl lost an eye following clashes with the authorities.

Now, Hong Kong protesters use masks and facepaint to conceal their identity as it became illegal to conceal one’s identity in public to evade capture via facial recognition technology, earlier this month.