Left Wing SPLC Demands Donors Drop Mo Brooks, Cancel Him Immediately


The radically Left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), hasRep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), in their crosshairs, citing the Congressman’s participation in the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 20201, as a motivating catalyst for the protests that eventually saw older Americans walk through the hallowed grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

The SPLC is demanding that corporations, business, and groups that have donated to Brooks in the past stop donating to him. They go a step further in their demands saying donors should also ask that recent donations be returned.

Margaret Huang, the president and CEO of the SPLC Action Fund, issued a statement in which she said Brooks incited the attack on the Capitol Building. Huang called the chaos at the Capitol a coup attempt and claims that Brooks continues to “undermine democracy” by adhering to his belief that the 2020 General Election was rife with voter fraud and ballot tampering.

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“Any companies that continue to provide him with financial support are giving tacit backing to insurrection and treason,” Huang said.

Huang is a radical activist specializing in human rights and racial justice. Before taking the reins at SPLC she was the executive director of Amnesty International USA.

The SPLC itself was the focus of the Republican National Committee’s ire just last August when the whole of the Committees delegates approved a resolution condemning the Montgomery, Alabama, based organization as “a far-left organization with an obvious bias.”

“The SPLC is a radical organization, and that the federal government should not view this organization as a legitimate foundation equipped to provide actionable information to DHS or any other government agency,” the resolution read, challenging the legitimacy of the organization.

Huang took issue with Brooks being the first member of Congress to declare that he would exercise his constitutional duty to challenge electors to the Electoral College that he believed were fraudulently seated. Democrats challenged electors from Alabama who were seated for Trump at the Electoral College in 2016 to little fanfare in the media.

She also cited Brooks’ language at the Stop the Steal rally. While completing is remarks, Brooks said rhetorically, “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.”

A timeline of events proves that the chief violence at the US Capitol began before the Stop the Steal rally had even completed, casting shadows on the popular narrative embraced by those on the Left that rank-and-file Trump supporters were the main participants in the chaos at the Capitol Building.

Ignoring this fact, Huang said the SPLC will coerce the donors to other members of Congress they target using the cherry-picked and inaccurate information fueling both the false narrative that Trump supporters were the key instigators in the violence on Capitol Hill on January 6, and that the 2020 General Election was without vote fraud and ballot tampering.

“The leaders of corporate America, like all people of conscience, need to use every possible tool available to squash the growing attempt to undermine our democratic system by inciting the threat of insurrection,” Huang said.