LEFTIST TEARS: The Best Meltdowns of the UK Election


Boris Johnson has taken the Conservatives to a stomping victory in the British general election, and it’s causing quite a few leftists to have a meltdown!

Now Prime Minister Boris Johnson has secured an 80 seat majority, and the socialist Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn have had their worst result since 1935. Lots of Corbyn supporters online are having meltdowns at the thought of Boris being Prime Minister for another 5 years after winning this election – we’ve collected some of the best here for your entertainment!

Leftist political commentators were so sure that Corbyn was getting in, so they’re very upset:

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Left-wing celebrities and luvvies don’t like that the ordinary proles didn’t listen to them:

Lily Allen has a meltdown on Instagram

Young people were astonished that Labour’s likes and retweets weren’t translated into actual votes, and were suspicious that it’s all been a set-up:

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Some Labour voters genuinely believe that the Conservatives are in favour of killing the poor, and selling the National Health Service to America:

Lots of people who hate Brexit knew Boris would make it happen now he’s won the election, and they’re having meltdowns:


Some were just mad at whites and the working class:

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Some decided that the only thing left to do was have a bit of a protest – surely that would stop Boris Johnson from taking his majority!

This included some supporters of Scottish independence – now that the SNP won’t be forming a minority government with Corbyn’s Labour, there won’t be a second independence referendum, which they’re not happy about!

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And, of course, many simply cried:

Here’s to five more years!