Leftists Burn American Flag, Tucker Carlson’s Photo Outside Fox News Building, Tucker Says He’s ‘Proud’ To Be Burned Next To Flag


Radical left wing protesters in New York have burned an American flag topped with a photo of host Tucker Carlson, one of the most widely watched cable news pundits in American history, in apparent opposition to his populist, pro-America views.

As part of ongoing civil unrest outside the Fox News headquarters in New York, protesters set fire to an American Flag and placed a photo of Tucker Carlson on it as it burned. From behind masks, with difficult to understand accents, protesters said, “Tucka, Tucka is burnin’” then continued to babble incoherently. Carlson told conservative journalist Julio Rosas, “I’m proud to be burned with the flag.”

Apparently the protest was sparked by sheer hatred of Fox News hosts, despite the network, aside from Tucker Carlson, taking a generally left wing turn since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, and especially since former House Speaker Paul Ryan joined its management. (READ MORE: Tucker’s Message To Corrupt Politicians: If Your Nation Knows ‘You Secretly Have Contempt for Them, They Will Never Forgive You’)

In another video, the protesters held photos of Fox News hosts and said, “You’re full of lies, you’re all racists, you’re Nazis, you’re zionists, you’re KKK, you’re Proud Boys, you’re probably a bunch of policemen,” then said something incoherently and added, “Black people are dying, and they’re not talking about that.”

Apparently, Fox News’s refusal to discuss credible reports of widespread voter fraud that many believe resulted in the 2020 election being stolen, silence and near-endorsement of racist anti-white Critical Race Theory, and refusal to engage with the conservative grassroots have not been enough to save Fox News from the ire of left wing protesters.

Just yesterday, Fox News’s Bill Hemmer made a series of weird and unintelligent remarks that generally endorsed left wing ideas. On “America’s Newsroom,” Hemmer revealed that he once took a journey to the home of Karl Marx to learn about why he wrote “Mein Kampf”. Of course, Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto,” not “Mein Kampf,” which was the autobiography of genocidal dictator Adolf Hitler. However, Hemmer proceeded to defend Critical Race Theory.

Last month, Fox News’s Brett Baier blocked Wendy Rogers on Twitter after being mocked for denying the evidence of widespread voter fraud in Arizona. Baier eventually unblocked Rogers after being further mocked for being unable to take criticism.

While Fox News, in aggregate, has veered toward the left in recent months, Tucker Carlson has remained true to the populist and pro-American message his show has championed since it began shortly after President Trump’s election. Accordingly, he has become a prime target of leftists, including an obviously drunk man in Montana who seemingly tried to start a physical altercation with Carlson last month. Carlson ultimately laughed in the man’s face, which seemed to frustrate him further.