Leftists Claim London Bridge Terrorist Attack is False Flag by Conservatives


Leftists have claimed that the London Bridge terror attack on Friday was a false flag operation by the Conservative government in order to help them win the upcoming general election.

“False Flag” trended on Twitter on Friday, shortly after a terror attack on London Bridge left the capital reeling once again. Usman Khan, 28, started the attack at a Cambridge University conference on the rehabilitation of prisoners, before moving out to London Bridge. Khan was surrounded by members of the public who held him down before he was shot by police. Two members of the public died, with one being named as Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt, and another three were injured.

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Many on the political left decided that this clearly had nothing to do with Islam, despite the fact that Mr Khan was convicted of a terror offence in 2013, but was in fact simply a false flag, set up by the Conservative government to distract people from their election campaign:

A selection of tweets from leftists claiming that the London Bridge attack was a false flag

Their comments were echoed by users in a thread in one of the largest pro-Labour Facebook groups, “Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us to VICTORY” – at the time of writing, they currently have over 23,000 members. One user said that they had “just seen footages [sic] of the incident on the bridge don’t see no blood on the knife very convenient no need to kill him He had his back to police on the floor 🖕🖕🖕 saved Boris from scrutiny like the last one save MAY from scrutiny 🖕🖕🤥🤥🤥🤥 JC4PM.”

Another user said it was “convenient that there’s something to detract from all the Tory crap that’s going on.” Someone else posted a meme of Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking into a phone, saying “MI5? It’s time to arrange a false flag terror attack so I can talk tough on terror.”

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Many were disgusted by their suggestion that the government had killed their own citizens:

The prize tinfoil hat is reserved for one special user, who circled back around in their conspiracy theories, claiming that those who were claiming the London Bridge attack was a false flag, were in fact, secret right-wingers, and wanted to make the left look bad!

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This was the first terror attack in London since 2017, but it certainly won’t be the last.