Leftists Outraged After Trump Praises Henry Ford For ‘Good Bloodlines’


The extreme-left user base that comprises Twitter has descended into full outrage meltdown mode after President Donald Trump made positive remarks about the late automotive pioneer Henry Ford at the Ford Rawsonville Motor Plant on Thursday.

“Every one of the workers in this project volunteered to take part in the greatest industrialization and mobilization project that our society has done, the American people have done in our life times,” President Trump stated, before adding, “the company founded by a man named Henry Ford, good bloodlines, good bloodlines, if you believe in that stuff, you got good blood.”

The President’s praise of Ford, a white male industrialist and philanthropist of considerable historical repute who was instrumental in the development of mass automobile production, assembly lines, and worker compensation, sent shockwaves through the neoliberal Twitter community Thursday.

The manufactured outrage was reminiscent of the reaction to President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech, where he praised another American icon, Rush Limbaugh, and bestowed the Medal of Freedom upon the talk radio host and cancer survivor.

Via National File:

Mere moments after President Donald Trump had First Lady Melania Trump present iconic conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, people started crying about it on Twitter.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest award a civilian can receive, and the contingent of Those Who Are Professionally Mad Online who have no chance at ever receiving the award are mad that Limbaugh received his.

Many of the tweets listing Limbaugh’s perceived list of social offenses can actually be interpreted as enthusiastic endorsements of a man who made a living producing original, edgy political humor and commentary.

Limbaugh stated that he does not use Twitter because it is the “the cesspool of the internet” and a “repository for the … endless parade of  human debris” almost five years ago in 2015, and it seems that Twitter is still very bothered by Limbaugh’s remarks.

Trump also also openly defied Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer’s demand that everyone wear a mask during his speech at the motor plant.