Lesbian Politician: Taking Kids to Drag Queen Story Hour is Morally Superior to Buying Them GTA V


A Scottish Member of Parliament and LGBT campaigner has made a tweet suggesting that parents who buy their children violent video games are worse for their young children than drag queens whose social media pages contain highly sexually explicit content.

Ms Black and an X-rated transgender performer, by the stage name “Flowjob,” who read a story to children age 4-5, visited the Glencoates Primary School (elementary school) in Paisley, causing a stir among parents.

The reading was criticized as “inappropriate,” “outrageous,” and “disgusting” by parents who weren’t informed about the drag queens performance until after the reading.

Following the backlash, Ms Black took to Twitter to denounce the homophobia of naysayers, implying that purchasing children violent video games was as bad–if not, worse–than the drag queen story hour, read by a performer whose social media contains pictures of her simulating oral sex on a dildo, among other lewd images.

She wrote, “You just know that the people pretending to be livid that a drag queen read a book in a school in my mentions [right now] are also the people who run out to buy their kids the latest Grand Theft Auto on release day. Your homophobia is transparent.”

Top commenters struck down her remark.

One account said, “Your assumption that all LGBT people agree about this is false. However loudly mainstream LGBT organisations may say so, it is simply not true. We are LGB and have defended the rights of LGB people all our lives. It’s frankly bizarre to accuse us of homophobia. #LGBIssues

While another said, “Away and don’t talk b*****ks – you appear to have not one iota of reservation about this and keep doubling down – that’s not a [MP’s] job – and we aren’t in a f***ing facist [sic] state where the GOV does our thinking for us. Parents have aired concerns and your answer is but they will.”

In justifying Flowjob’s visit to the elementary school, Ms Black tweeted, “If my school had invited a gay MP and a drag queen to visit during LGBT History Month, or even acknowledged that LGBT History Month existed, it would have made an immeasurable difference to the difficult childhoods my LGBT classmates and I had.”

In the tweet thread, she continued, “Yet so many people in my mentions want acknowledgment of LGBT people shut down because you still think there’s something inappropriate in our existence. You’re willing to see another generation of LGBT people growing up believing that who they are should be hidden away.

“Never mind the fact that doing so in the past has left a massively disproportionate number of LGBT people, generation after generation including my own, suffering severe mental health problems and higher suicide rates.”

Flowjob’s drag queen story hour is one of many recent visits to schools and public venues seen in recent months across the UK, which appear to be increasing in frequency.

The British Library was to host three drag queen story hours on the same day during a family event in the half-term holiday.

Other council libraries were to follow suit earlier this month in hosting similar reading hours for children of all ages.

Since the backlash, both the school and headteacher, Ms Watson, have locked their Twitter accounts, while Ms Black seemingly doubled-down on the unpopular event.