LGBT Organization Vandalized in DC George Floyd Riots


An organization dedicated to LGBTQ rights in the workplace had their Washington D.C. building vandalized in Sunday night’s round of rioting as several major U.S. cities were plunged into chaos.

The violence erupted, beginning in Minneapolis, following the unlawful in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd.

Protests have been organized around the Western world with leaders and celebrities taking to social media to virtue signal against police brutality and systemic racism.

The Pride At Work organization had parts of their building burned as the nation’s capitol was rocked by rioting. The building itself sustained significant damage in parts, as fires were set, windows were smashed, and politicized slogans were scrawled across the face of the structure.

Nobody was injured by the damage caused to the edifice.

Speaking with LGBTQ Nation, Pride At Work Executive Director Jerame Davis said:

“Black lives matter more than any building or its contents.”

“While we are saddened that a building that symbolizes the fight for working-class values was targeted during the unrest in Washington, D.C. last night, our resolve is unwavering.”

“We will fix the broken glass and sweep away the ashes so we can continue to fight for racial, social, and economic justice.”

“LGBTQ people are found in every community, including Black and Brown communities and when our communities are under attack, like the rest of the labor movement, we stand up and fight back. We know there can be no peace without justice and that our rights weren’t won easily or peacefully.”

On the Pride at Work Facebook page, a statement was delivered as well as a photo of the building showcasing the aftermath of the rioting.

Our windows may be broken, but our resolve is not. We will rebuild as we continue the fight for racial, social, and economic justice. A building and it’s contents are just property. They can be replaced, but lives cannot.


Our windows may be broken, but our resolve is not. We will rebuild as we continue the fight for racial, social, and…

Posted by Pride at Work on Monday, June 1, 2020

The damage caused by the weekend’s rioting has led to the imposition of curfews.

President Donald Trump has also intended to designate far-left anarchist group Antifa as a terrorist organization following their alleged role in orchestrating much of the wanton destruction to befall America over the weekend.

A member of Antifa was caught on camera transacting with a black protester before directing him to carry out orders.