Liberal Teacher Says She’s Quitting Because ‘MAGA Students’ Don’t Want To Wear Masks, Hurt Her ‘Just By Breathing’


A liberal teacher using the name Jessica Wildfire authored an article on last week explaining that she would be quitting her job because her students are “MAGA assholes” who won’t wear masks, refuse to be indoctrinated by left-wing talking points, and hurt her “just by breathing.”

In the article, titled “I’m a Teacher. I’m About to Quit.” and subtitled “So are thousands of others,” the author bemoans the fact that her classroom is no longer an ideological monolith, and have “turned classrooms into one of the most dangerous places in the world.”

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“Imagine a bunch of people with different views and experiences, all randomly thrown together in a room and asked to talk to each other while learning how to debate topics like abortion and global warming,” the author says, complaining about the historic and fundamental responsibilities of being a teacher. “Now let some of those students have guns, and add a deadly virus.”

After noting that she has a “handful of straight up MAGA assholes” who are “anti-masking, anti-vaxxing conspiracy theorists” in her classes, the author states, “A few years ago, there was always one student you couldn’t have a reasonable debate with. Now there’s too many.” She calls them “dangerous.”

“Now they can actually hurt me, just by breathing,” the author remonstrates, before bemoaning the fact that her students are allowed to retain their civil liberties and Constitutional right to own a firearm. At the conclusion of the bloviating and meandering piece, the author declares “I can’t do it anymore,” and “I’m out.”

Across the united States, more parents and students have begun to speak out about various aspects of political propaganda in the education system, such as child mask mandates, promotion of racist anti-white critical theories, and politically motivated harassment of children who do not share their teachers’ personal partisan beliefs.