Liberal White Women are Paying Thousands to Learn How Not to be Racist


Liberal white women are paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of being lectured by two minority women on how racist they are.

“Race to Dinner” is a scheme concocted by Regina Jackson, a black woman, and Saira Rao, an Indian American woman, where they spend an evening lecturing liberal white women on how not to be racist over dinner. On their website, they describe their mission as simple, which is to “reveal the naked truth about RACISM in America and UNLEASH YOUR POWER as white women to dismantle it”:

Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that, as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy. This isn’t personal… This is systemic… Black and brown women are also part of the system. The truth is, we are on opposing sides: BIPOC are on the receiving end of white supremacy… Until and unless white women are willing to disrupt white supremacy, we will never see change. White women: you have the power to disrupt and dismantle the hate. We are talking about your complicity in upholding white supremacy and keeping Black and brown women down. Our goal is to reveal to you what BIPOC have always seen: your white privilege, your power, your control and your complicity in all of the above. You are an integral part of this system. Are you willing to use this power to dismantle the hate rather than to uphold it?

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Poppy Noor, a writer for the leftist newspaper, The Guardian, was invited to one of the dinners and wrote about her experience. As a “woman of colour” herself, she simply observed the liberal white woman proselytising themselves, rather than taking part.

The testimonials from some of the attendees are pretty much as you would expect. All of them buy into the “white people bad orange man bad borders bad” narrative that the left pushes. The host of the dinner, struggled to explain her own “racist narratives. “I want to hire people of color. Not because I want to be … a white savior. I have explored my need for validation … I’m working through that … Yeah. Um … I’m struggling,” she stuttered before finally giving up.

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Morgan Richards, another attendee at the dinner, “admits she recently did nothing when someone patronizingly commended her for adopting her two black children, as though she had saved them”:

“What I went through to be a mother, I didn’t care if they were black,” [Morgan Richards] says, opening a window for Rao to challenge her: “So, you admit it is stooping low to adopt a black child?” And Richards accepts that the undertone of her statement is racist.

Noor described another of the women, Erika Righter, who was “in despair of all of the racism she’s witnessed as a social worker” but was attacked for not being anti-racist enough:

She laments how a white friend always ends phone calls with “Love you long time.” “And what is your racism, Erika?” Rao interrupts, refusing to let her off the hook. The mood becomes tense. Another woman adds: “I don’t know you, Erika. But you strike me as being really in your head. Everything I’m hearing is from the neck up.” Righter, a single mother, retreats before defending herself: “I haven’t read all the books. I’m new to this.”

The group hit the news last month, when they said that white women’s “obsession with being nice” was simply “one of the most dangerous tools of white supremacy.”

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Rao, a failed Democrat candidate, has herself come under fire in the past for her anti-white rhetoric, including retweeting comments suggesting that white people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, that private messages of support are “white supremacy,” and saying that both Democrats and Republicans are “mired in white supremacy”:

Rao and Jackson’s dinners are really the epitome of grifting – you almost feel sorry for the women they’ve swindled!