‘Lightyear!’ Bombs After Disney Added Gay Kiss to Protest Florida Law


Last Updated on June 21, 2022

The pro-gay Disney movie “Lightyear!” was crushed at the box office over its opening weekend after the Toy Story spin-off made headlines for profiling a lesbian relationship and featuring a kiss between two female characters, something producers reportedly added into the film in protest of Florida legislation that expanded parental rights to protect their own kids from sexualization and grooming in schools.

“Lightyear!” was badly beaten at the box office by “Jurrasic World: Dominion,” and struggled to even come out ahead of the 3-week-old “Top Gun” sequel, raking in just around $50 million over its 3-day premier weekend. That figure is a whopping $20 million less than industry projections had hoped for and even worse than many of the film’s detractors had publicly predicted.

Throughout the “Lightyear!” movie, a lesbian relationship between two of the animated female characters is marketed directly to kids, culminating in the pair sharing a kiss and being shown together later in life, as wife and wife, and holding a baby.

The scene was originally cut from the movie, only to be reinserted as an act of protest from left-wing Disney after Florida passed legislation protecting children from sexualization and grooming in schools and expanding the rights of their parents under the Parental Rights in Education Bill. Disney’s act of spite towards the innocence of children hasn’t only delivered a massive blow to their own pocketbook but has caused “Lightyear!” reviews to take a blow as well, racking up thousands of 1-star ratings online and being flagged as parents as sexually explicit.

In addition to its poor performance in the United States, the animated children’s film has reportedly been banned in more than a dozen countries over its open sexualization of children and pushing of the LGBT lobby’s agenda. While most countries that have banned the “Lightyear!” movie are Muslim theocracies, now, Communist China is reportedly mulling a ban, citing its negative cultural impact and open sexualization of kids.

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