Lindsey Graham Congratulates Cindy McCain After Biden Nominates Her To Serve In United Nations


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a message of congratulations to Cindy McCain, the widow of deceased Sen. John McCain, celebrating nomination from Joe Biden to represent the United States in the United Nations.

“Congratulations to Cindy McCain for being nominated by President Biden to serve as U.S. Representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture,” wrote Graham on Twitter. “Cindy is incredibly well-qualified, having traveled the world dealing with human trafficking and food security issues.” In a second tweet, Graham added, “I am confident Cindy will be a great partner to Governor David Beasley, who is in charge of the World Food Programme. She will be a great ambassador for this important cause, and I look forward to her confirmation.” (READ MORE: Lindsey Graham Poses With Netanyahu While Holding ‘More For Israel’ Sign On Memorial Day)

Graham’s tweets were in response to McCain’s announcement of her nomination. She wrote, “I am deeply honored and I look forward to the work ahead,” while sharing a link to the Biden White House’s recent list of 17 nominations. Of the nomination, Biden’s White House noted that McCain serves on a number of boards and councils, including the Human Trafficking Council, the Arizona Human Trafficking Council, and the Phoenix Mayor’s Human Trafficking Task Force.

Prior to his purported support of President Donald Trump and his agenda, Graham was a fierce defender and ally of the deceased John McCain, and often partnered with the longtime U.S. Senator from Arizona to push legislation that appeased establishment interests in the Republican Party. (READ MORE: Lindsey Graham Went To Florida, Begged Trump To Stop Fighting With Mitch McConnell)

In one of his final broadcasts, conservative talk radio legend and icon Rush Limbaugh attempted to explain to his listeners that Graham never tried to help President Trump enact his America First agenda, but instead Graham attempted to turn the 45th President into a “Washingtonian.” National File reported, “What Lindsey Graham means is he tried to get Trump to tone it down. He tried to get Trump to behave according to Washington norms,” said Limbaugh. “He tried to rein Trump in and get Trump to behave more like a Washingtonian, but he just couldn’t do it. He gave it everything he’s got. He wasn’t talking about helping Trump defeat his enemies.”