Lindsey Graham Dodges Bannon, Bartiromo Calls for Senate Investigation into Impeachment Hoax


Stephen K. Bannon is calling for the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), to investigate numerous high profile people around the alleged corruption in Ukraine, as well as people who have connections to the impeachment of President Trump.

On Jessie Watters FOX show, Watters World, on Sunday, Bannon, the former Chief Strategist to President Donald J. Trump, asked for Graham to start a Select Committee to dive into the alleged criminality at the top of the  Department of Justice(DOJ), Federal Bureau of the Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Committee(CIA), National Security Council (MSC) and the State Department.

Bannon’s call for more investigation echoed Lindsay Graham’s tough talk on Superbowl Sunday, in which Graham said he wants “to find out how all this crap started.”

“I’m gonna bring in State Department officials and ask them, ‘Why didn’t you do something about the obvious conflict of interest Joe Biden had?’”Graham said.

Bartiromo, pressing Graham asked, “How are you gonna get to the bottom of it? Should we expect your committee to call to testify Hunter Biden, the whistleblower, Adam Schiff, all of those names you’ve been talking about. Is this gonna happen this upcoming week then?”

Lindsey Graham, as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, refused to take responsibility for investigating the mountains of alleged Democrat corruption piling up around the Bidens, Kerrys, Clintons, the Obamas, and the administrative state which assisted the Bidens in their effort to enrich themselves based on Joe Biden’s perch as Vice President.

“It’s gonna happen in the coming weeks,” Graham said. “Jim Risch is Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Jim if you’re watching the show, I hope you are, we need to call the chief of Staff to John Kerry, who was told about the conflict of interest with Hunter Biden being on Burisma’s board early on.”

Bannon’s calls for Lindsey Graham seem to indicate that he’s aware that Sen. Graham is not inclined to move forward with a robust Senate investigation into the alleged Ukraine corruption during the Obama administration.

Watch Lindsey Graham dodge Maria Bartiromo’s questions about potential investigations here.

Bannon, to prove the precedent for such an investigation, made reference to the “Church Committees” from 1975.

From the Senate website, the Church Committees were when “Senator John Pastore introduced a resolution to establish a select committee to investigate federal intelligence operations and determine the extent, if any, to which illegal, improper, or unethical activities were engaged in by any agency of the Federal Government. The Senate approved the resolution, 82-4.”

“The committee faced a formidable task: to conduct a wide-ranging investigation of the nation’s most secret agencies and programs, and based on those findings, write a detailed report including legislative recommendations,” as reported on the US Senate history site.

The list of alleged crimes swirling around the 2019 Impeachment and Ukraine corruption,  that have been hinted at by other high ranking Republicans, is Former Vice President  Biden’s family enrichment; Biden coercion of Ukraine investigation; Democrat collusion w/ Ukraine in 2016 election; Re. Adam Schiff  (D-CA) working with leaker; Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)  staffers working with Ukrainian operatives.

According to a recent interview on Face The Nation, Graham has no plans of investigating these alleged crimes, even after Bannon called for them, insisting that Russians have “hacked the DNC”, without proof of any hacks as if that excuses his responsibility to address corruption in the American and Ukraine government as addressed by US Representatives.

Even though there is video evidence of suspected corruption, as seen in this video of former secretary of state, John Kerry who bragged about a quid pro quo for foreign aid, tying himself to Biden and President Barack H. Obama.

Graham also pushed off claims of massive Ukraine corruption and links to the Biden family, made by former mayor and prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, who currently serves at legal counsel to Trump.

In the Face The Nation interview, Graham sent a message to Trump that he did not plan to call for any investigations outside of a possible FISA court investigation.

Watch the interview:

During the interview, Graham tried to limit his oversight obligations to FISA court matters, as discussed in the IG report, and unlawful warrants for surveillance on Americans and answered allegations that he doesn’t take the Ukraine corruption matters seriously.

Graham pushed back on the question of other investigations and said, “I am not going to the Republican Christopher Steele,” meaning someone, Graham claims, who was set up with Russian propaganda.

Graham then said Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), chairman of the Intelligence Committee, had told him to be “careful of anything coming out of Ukraine” about scandalous behavior or corruption because of the Russian’s influence there.

Guiliani, however, claims he has proof of the need for the investigations.

Graham demanded that Guiliani should turn any evidence of Ukraine’s corruption over to Burr, in the intelligence committee or to the Department of Justice to investigate.

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