LISTEN: Police Dispatch Respond To Minneapolis Shooting After Maxine Waters Incited Riot, ’10 To 15 Shots’, ‘White SUV’


The audio of police dispatch describing the situation after an unknown assailant attempted a drive by style shooting that apparently targeted police and National Guard stationed in Minneapolis early this morning has surfaced. The shooting happened only hours after Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) endorsed rioting as a means to enact favorable outcomes in court cases, and told rioters to become more “confrontational.”

Initially, a breathless woman – apparently a police officer targeted by the drive by style shooting – breaks in, “We just got shot at, a white SUV just took off Westbound on Broadway from Penn, our Guard is defenseless at the intersection”. Dispatch originally thought it was a security guard, only for another person to break in and explain that it was a member of the Minnesota National Guard who was apparently targeted.

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The reporting police officer broke in again to say, “It was a white SUV shot at police at least 10 times, next squad in please check on our Guard, officers are okay but I’m not sure if anyone else is hit.” She then announced that she was pursuing the white SUV containing the gunmen, “We’re in Robbinsdale now, we’re trying to check and see if it’s out here.”

Soon after, police were able to reach the intersection and determine that there were no gunshot wounds. It is unclear if the officers were announcing that the National Guard soldier was wounded, as they began repeating, “Just shrapnel, we’re shutting down Broadway here, just taping it off.” Another reported, “Just shrapnel, no gunshot wounds.”

Last night, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) crossed state lines to join and encourage the riots that are ongoing in the Minneapolis area, most recently sparked by the death of a wanted man who attempted to flee from police and was ultimately shot by a female police officer who mistakenly discharged her service pistol, believing it to be a taser.

Waters told Unicorn Riot, a radical left wing media group, “We gotta stay on the streets, we gotta get more active, we got to get more confrontational, we got to make sure they know we mean business.” The shooting happened only hours after Waters decreed this course of action to the rioters and protesters.

The violence – potentially sparked by Waters’ rhetoric – led Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to announce her intention to introduce a resolution that would expel Waters from Congress.