Little League President Forces Male Tee-Ball Players To Wear Pink To Understand ‘Diversity’


This week, Biden-Appointee Rachel (previously Richard) Levine made history after being confirmed by the Senate as the first transgender assistant health secretary. Parental rights have never been at a greater risk, and Biden’s home state of Delaware seems to be the first to test the waters, moving quickly to silence parents who oppose the use of their children as a diversity prop for the LGBTQ agenda. Delaware father, Adam Bailey took a stand.

Newly appointed Laurel Little League President and diversity activist Michael Snead of Delaware gave a family member a Tee-Ball Coaching position within Laurel Little League’s organization. This family member and coach failed to consult the parents of her players, and made an executive decision that the players of her tee-ball team would be wearing pink uniforms.

Concerned Delaware father Adam Bailey immediately reached out to Laurel Little League to express his concern and ask for a uniform color change or a team switch for his 5-year-old son, which was immediately denied and dismissed because the father’s request was a hindrance to Snead’s diversity activism.

Snead has been accused of using his position as a Little League official to force a political agenda that disrupts the wholesome essence of family and community upon players. Critics have stated that forcing unhappy parents to watch as their little boys are forced to wear pink uniforms is a humiliation tactic used by diversity and LGBTQ activists, and has nothing to do with baseball.

Tee-ball father Adam Bailey doubled down and shared his interaction with the Laurel Little League President on Facebook and was immediately met with the public doxxing of his address and death threats, one of which coming from a Delaware local named Marcus Bounds.

Sources close to Mr. Bounds claim that he is a local drunk who posts very unstable content on his social media. Mr. Bounds failed to comment when National File asked about his possession of the firearm that he plans to use on the tee-ball player’s father. The authorities have also been contacted.

Wholesome community organizations are no longer safe from the monster of diversity. It has found its way into leadership positions and will bring the outrage mob down on you if you choose to oppose it. With support from his community, Adam Bailey decided to take a stand to protect his son from LGBTQ and diversity activism, and withdrew his son from playing Laurel Little League.

“Children should be able to be children and develop without the pressure from a society of over sensitive, mentally ill communities and groups. Let kids be kids. This isn’t just about the color of the uniform, but what my child views the color as and what it represents to him. Pink is Mommy’s favorite color, so it is a girl’s color to him. It’s the freedom to choose and be whoever you want to be in this country. When groups and activists start making those choices for us, then we have lost our freedoms.” – Adam Bailey, Tee-Ball father

National File reached out to Laurel Little League to see if Delaware should expect more Diversity and LGBTQ activism from their organization. Laurel Little League read the questions, but refused to respond or comment.