LOCKDOWNS FOREVER: UK Public Health Officials Say Lockdowns Must Stay Despite High Vaccination Rate


Despite the United Kingdom’s high rates of adults receiving vaccinations, the head of immunizations for Public Health England, Mary Ramsay, insists that ‘low-level restrictions’ be maintained into the foreseeable future.

Policies such as mandated social distancing and public mask use is being proposed to extend “for years” according to a leading pandemic doctor in England. Although UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans for lifting legal limits and restrictions in England on June 21, Ramsay warned that the government should be more cautious and “look very carefully before any restrictions are lifted.”

Last Friday, England set a record for most mRNA inhibitors 711,156 people given the “jab” in a single day. According to the Independent UK, half of the adult population has officially been vaccinated, which was regarded by England’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, as a “phenomenal achievement.”

However, not phenomenal enough to lift any low-level restrictions despite this being a big talking point to encourage people to take the shot, according to public health officials.

In addition to Ramsay, a government advisor to Johnson, suggested that the influx of tourists coming to England for the summer may present an issue that conflicts with the plan to ease legal mandates on June 21.

“There was a lot of importation of new cases from Greece, from Croatia, from Spain and those were major contributors to the cases that were seen in the UK at the end of last summer,” according Peter Openshaw, vice-chair of Nervtag. Nertvtag, or the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, advises the government on any threat posed by new and emerging respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19.

As a spokesperson for Nervtag, Openshaw detailed predictions that if vacation travel bans were lifted, there would be a catastrophic rise in infection rates, despite the fact that, already, half of the adult population has had at least one dose of a COVID-19 shot, and by summer that number will presumably be higher, with a majority having taken both rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The American media seems to be on the same page as Public Health England and Nervtag, and are now walking back claims that mask mandates could be lifted as more people received a COVID-19 vaccine. Even conservative leaning political commentator, Ben Shapiro, believes the government has the right to force you to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

Not only is there still no Food and Drug Administration approved vaccination for COVID-19, there is no indications that any low-level restrictions will be lifted.