LONDON: Around $2.5M Spent in 2 Years to Bring SIX Internet Trolls to Justice


Misuse of public funds and the authorities’ actions have been placed under the microscope in the UK.

The UK police, the regular brunt of many-a joke, guided by their inept politically correct superiors have produced yet another embarrassing L.

£1.7million (Around $2.5million USD) was spent on an online taskforce to clampdown on online trolling after fears that a growing far-right movement was being radicalized on the internet.

Concerns were expressed surrounding potential xenophobic online backlashes which could’ve emerged following terrorist attacks, grooming gang trials, and soaring violent crime rates–with a few politically incorrect common denominators driving the aforementioned.

Britain–the birthplace of The Enlightenment and Classical Liberal ideals–has apparently turned its back on its centuries-old principles–or has it, considering it is merely weeding out intolerant elements from within?

The Sun reports on the costly team:

It was given £1.7million in public money — more than £450,000 from the Home Office and the rest from Scotland Yard.

Critics blasted it as “the thought police” or “like Big Brother”.

But the “Twitter squad” — staffed by five Scotland Yard officers including a senior detective — had a handful of successful prosecutions.

These include trolls found guilty of racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic posts.

One offender was given a suspended jail sentence, but the rest escaped with community orders, fines and a restraining order.

Sadly, the UK doesn’t have a real commitment to freedom of speech. Ridding the internet of anonymous social media users is a greater priority.

Violent crime–especially stabbings–are reaching record levels, with 2019 murder rate set to surpass last year’s rate.

London was also recently named the acid attack capital of Europe.

It was discovered in 2017 that around nine people were arrested everyday for internet wrongthink.