LONDON: Gunman ‘Accidentally Shoots Himself Dead’


Practically gun free London was hit with a spate of violent crimes this weekend, taking this year’s total murder victims up to 104.

Among the victims, comes a unfortunate death–well, for the criminal, at least.

Three hundred yards away from where a woman was fatally stabbed fifteen minutes prior to the shooting, a gunman died from a self-inflicted bullet wound after a round ricocheted off a car window.

Eyewitnesses claim that where the bullet struck the glass can still be seen.

According to The Independent:

A man is thought to have died after he shot at a car on a southeast London street and the bullet ricocheted back, fatally wounding him

The victim in his 20s died at the scene in Sydenham on Sunday afternoon, Scotland Yard said.

Witnesses in the area said it appeared the man had accidentally shot himself.

“He came to shoot someone else, but he ended up shooting himself,” said a 56-year-old woman, who did not wish to be named.  “The bullet bounced off a car window. You can see on the car window where the bullet bounced off it. After it happened, the boy he came to shoot stood there filming him.”

She said she had been stuck inside the police cordon for three hours since the shooting.

Residents claim that the area had been peaceful prior to the shooting.

Customers at a nearby pub said they had heard no arguing or shouting before the gun went off.

The Sun Reports:

Eye-witnesses described seeing the man lying motionless in front of a black Peugeot as a friend tried to revive him.

One witness said the intended target stood over the man filming as he lay fatally wounded.

Two men wearing balaclavas are then said to have shouted ‘He shot himself, he f****ing shot himself,’ before fleeing the scene.

Desperate paramedics fought to save him at the scene but he was pronounced dead five minutes later.

A 56-year-old woman who witnessed the incident, said: “He came to shoot someone else, but he ended up shooting himself.

Many have called for London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to resign his post due to what has been called by some ‘a bloodbath’ or ‘Khanage.’

The capital’s murder rate for 2019 is set to exceed last year’s 132 at the current pace, which was the highest in a decade.