LOOMER: No Coincidence Broward County Wants Forced Quarantines In An Election Year


Laura Loomer said that it’s no coincidence Broward County is advocating forced coronavirus quarantines in an election year.

Loomer spoke to National File’s Patrick Howley about her congressional campaign in Florida’s 21st District, which covers Broward County. This week, National File reported that health officials within Broward County were gaining up to produce forced quarantine measures for people who had even not been infected with the coronavirus.

Loomer said it wasn’t surprising that we were seeing this take in Broward County, which is a “bed of Democrat corruption and tyranny.” She noted that it’s happening all across the country with Democrat officials trying to impose “tyrannical rules and regulations to strip people of their God-given constituional rights during the coronavirus pandemic.”

There is no reason “for this forced quarantine that is being proposed by the Democrats,” Loomer argued, as states run by Republican governors, like Rick DeSantis in Florida, are doing really with the pandemic, but the states with Democrat governors “are literally stuffing coronavirus patients into nursing homes,” leading to hundreds of unnecessary deaths.

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Howley brought up Bertha Henry, “the emperor of broward county,” which she is running as “some kind of banana republic,” allowing officials to go into people’s homes and isolate them even if they haven’t tested positive for the virus.

Loomer said it was no coincidence that this forced quarantine was being drafted in an election year:

Broward County is one of the most notorious counties in the country for election fraud. I don’t think that there is a coincidence that the coronavirus lockdown measures and quarantines that are being proposed by the Democrats are taking place during an election year. The Democrats are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to make a move to steal the elections. We see this with the way that the Democrats drafted the Heroes Act, which they stuffed full of measures for election interference… This is just another way to ensure that people are stuffed inside their homes, unavailable to consume information, unavailable to participate in the political process, in a Democrat stronghold like Broward County… Broward County is a cesspool for Democrat corruption.

You can watch Howley’s full interview with Loomer below, in which they also discuss her opponent in FL21, Lois Frankel, and her opinion on an immigration moratorium and regime change wars: