Mainstream Newspapers Team Up To Stalk Anti-Lockdown Salon Owner As She Moves To New State


Salem, Oregon salon owner Lindsey Graham is leaving the state of Oregon after the regime of Democrat governor Kate Brown launched a sustained attack on her for opening her business during the Coronavirus lockdown. Graham closing her salon under pressure after 12 years in business has resulted in 25 women losing their jobs. Graham is headed to Arizona to open a new real estate business. Now, the Arizona Republic and a newspaper reporter in Oregon are teaming up to obsessively dig into Graham’s background and personal life for a “joint project” as she relocates to Arizona, according to emails obtained by NATIONAL FILE.

NATIONAL FILE covered Lindsey Graham’s determined bid to open her salon against the wishes of Governor Kate Brown and the OSHA agency that fined her for defying the government. Graham said that Child Protective Services (CPS) agents were sent to her home to question her children as part of a political targeting operation directed at her as Oregon state officials turned her into an enemy of the state.


Here is text from a 43-question interrogatory email that reporter Whitney Woodworth sent to Lindsey Graham using Woodworth’s Statesman Journal email address:

“Good afternoon, In a joint project with the Arizona Republic, we are reporting on the closure of Glamour Salon and opening of Dream Built Homes. Our previous attempts to ask questions on this issue have not been returned. Please respond to the following questions by the end of day Monday, March 8.

  1. What is the reason for the closure of Glamour Salon?
  2. When will the salon close? How many employees will be out of work?
  3. How many months did you operate rent free? Was your decision to close related to renewed rent demands?
  4. Are all of your Oregon businesses closed?
  5. What are the names of the businesses, when did they close and what was the reason for the closure?
  6. You said your husband ran successful business before COVID. What can you say about his business record?
  7. How do you explain his bankruptcy and business closures in 2015?
  8. Didn’t he also get foreclosed on in 2017?
  9. How long have you and your husband been involved in real estate?
  10. How many states are you and your husband licensed as a real estate agents?
  11. How many states are you and your husband licensed as brokers?
  12. Can you provide your license numbers and the dates you and Scott passed the state exam?
  13. What is your relationship to the owners of the house where the business is registered at?
  14. Why did you register your company at that address?
  15. What kind of business is Dream Built?
  16. Are any of the principles for Dream Built licensed as real estate agents?
  17. If you and your husband aren’t licensed realtors, how can you legally advertise your husband as a real estate agent on your website?
  18. Isn’t that misleading?
  19. If not, do you work with any licensed real estate agents? If so, who?
  20. Are any licensed as contractors?
  21. What drew you to the real estate industry? Do you have any background in real estate?
  22. What transactions and projects has Dream Built been involved in? Please provide us a list with a list.
  23. Most of the photos on your website appear to be your former home. Are there any other homes in your portfolio? Where are they?
  24. Why does your website use stock art to suggest these are projects you’ve been involved in?
  25. In the lawsuit against Brown, you cite a complaint to CPS involving your family. What did the complaint allege?
  26. How was the complaint resolved/what was the outcome?
  27. In an interview, you mentioned Antifa was targeting and tracking you. What did this entail? Did you report it to Marion County/Salem police or any other law enforcement?
  28. Can you provide evidence that you have been tracked by these groups or their agents?
  29. What is your business connection to Jake Hales? Has he been involved in any other of your businesses? Is Hales a licensed contractor in Arizona? Can you provide his contract number?
  30. If not, isn’t it misleading to advertise him as an Arizona contractor?
  31. How much money did your Patriot Barbie website generate?
  32. Did you use proceeds from your website to buy homes in Arizona or elsewhere?
  33. Can you provide an accounting of all the donations you received and how the money was used?
  34. How many GoFundMe sites have raised money for you? Please provide links to those sites.
  35. How did you manage to pay for your home construction project and buying a new home when you publicly said you were struggling to survive?
  36. Is the Glamour Institute for Freedom involved in any other lawsuits besides your own?
  37. How much has been raised through the Glamour Institute for Freedom?
  38. What activities has the institute funded?
  39. Do you think it’s fair for you to solicit donations from Oregonians then to leave the state that has supported you? 
  40. You said you moved to a red state. Is this Arizona?
  41. Do you have an Arizona driver’s license?
  42. Why did you pick Arizona? 
  43. Is there anything you’d like to say to supporters?

Thank you for your time, Whitney”


Salon owner Lindsey Graham discussed her exodus from Oregon in a revelatory statement in which she detailed the scope of the harassment that has been waged against her.

“The feminist in me is outraged, but the spirit of Christ within me is overjoyed. What was meant for my
destruction has been turned into the greatest blessing, overcoming adversity, new opportunities have been
created for myself and my family. I’m grateful that Oregon’s supermajority has made it next to impossible for
businesses to operate, I’m grateful that Kate Brown sent DHS/CPS after my children, I’m grateful to Oregon’s
blatant cancel-culture and the seemingly hate-filled social justice warriors. My eyes are now fully opened to
the crystal clear line in the sand, and there’s no going back,” Lindsey Graham said in a statement provided to NATIONAL FILE.

Graham continued: “Hatred is the tool of oppressors and a type of mental servitude. While I was shocked at the obvious targeting and unprofessional use of tyrannical force employed by Kate Brown’s apparent dictatorship, I have nothing but love and gratitude in my heart, as I absolutely refuse to be bound by hatred or struggle. Glamour Salon is closing, our family has moved out of Oregon to a deep red land of economic opportunity, and I have nothing left to lose. Kate Brown gave me a voice and a platform, and I intend to use it, as are the countless other small business owners who’ve stepped into the cold reality Brown created by allowing large businesses to operate while keeping family-owned and main street businesses shuttered, beyond a timeline that was feasible for survival. I pray that those still trying to run small businesses in Oregon can survive and those placing burdens upon these businesses stop turning a blind eye to the politics they are playing with these people’s lives and livelihoods. You can certainly expect to see big things coming from me soon, as this fire has forged new strength in me that I didn’t know existed.”