Man Plans Protest to Free Kansas Serial Killer, Wants Prison ‘Reform Before Punishment’


A Kansas man is planning to hold a rally to free convicted serial killer Dennis Rader, who was known in Wichita and the surrounding area as BTK, or bind, torture, kill, during his string of serial killings that began in the 1970s and continued until 1991, and was eventually caught after sending a floppy disk to local media in 2004.

Citing the rising tide calling for police reform or abolition in the United States, and President Donald Trump’s own willingness to enact criminal justice reform, Ted Mccarthy has created a Facebook event to protest the prison sentence of the convicted serial killer and calling for him to be freed from prison.

According to the Facebook event, Mccarthy believes in the forgiveness promised by Jesus Christ, and is asking Kansans to join him in protesting for Rader’s release.

He also notes that he previously received death threats for the event and cancelled it, but is “no longer caving to the crowd.”

Jesus teaches us forgiveness. Our justice system teaches punishment but things are changing. Reform! If we can show that people like Dennis can be reformed the world can change. Dennis was a man of God! There is still some good in him. There is still some good in everyone. I have previously delayed this event due to death threats but I am no longer caving to the crowd. I know we have the silent majority! President Donald J Trump has shown us that reform is the future of this countries justice system. Dennis is a man of god who deserves a second chance. I have been contacted by multiple people. One was a woman willing to make signs. Anyone attacking my first ammendment will be BLOCKED!

On his Facebook profile, Mccarthy has thus far refused to speak to local journalists. When a reporter for a local news station commented on Mccarthy’s profile, asking for information about the protest, Mccarthy responded “NO JOURNALISTS!”

In another comment he continued, “READ THE DESCRIPTION I DO NOT SPEAK TO JOURNALISTS!”

Mccarthy’s call to free the prolific serial killer, who killed 10 Wichitans in a ritualistic fashion before being caught, comes as Black Lives Matter groups and elected officials call for an immediate abolition of police and prisons following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Mccarthy did not immediately respond to National File when we requested a comment on the goals of the event.