Man Twerks for Children at Minnesota ‘Pride’ Event that Featured Amy Klobuchar, Jacob Frey


Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A grown man wearing only underwear and a pair of work boots twerked for children as he took part in the “family friendly” parade portion of the Twin Cities Pride Festival, which also featured pro-BLM Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar, and other left-wing politicians of Minnesota.

Minnesota Pride made its return over the weekend after a two-year hiatus, shut down thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the same elected Democrats that took part in this year’s festivities. While those politicians installed draconian measures that shut down the 2020 and 2021 pride events, they permitted and even personally participated in BLM demonstrations and riots over the same time period, before BLM and the LGBT lobby appeared to publicly merge, adding black and brown stripes to the gay pride flag and making far-left race politics a central theme of pride month celebrations.

The sexually-charged Minnesota pride festival and parade, which were marketed as “family friendly” by organizers and Democrat politicians alike, featured several nude or scantily-clad performers, simulating sex acts for children along a downtown Minneapolis street. One of them, an obese man wearing nothing but white underwear, white socks, and work boots, can be seen on video twerking in front of small children, all as adults in the crowd cheer him on.

As the pride parade participant continues targeting children along the street, one attendee is seen in the background instructing a little girl to wave at the twerking man, as opposed to looking away.

Participating in the event alongside the twerking man and others targeting children for sexualization were Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, and failed presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar – all left-wing Democrats.

“What a great parade today!” Klobuchar recounted in an Instagram video showing her shaking hands with children at the pride parade.

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As at least one observant Twitter user pointed out, far-left Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey appears to be wearing at the pride parade the same shirt he wore to a BLM rally in 2020, only to be booed out of the demonstration after refusing to commit to completely abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department. That moment has been dubbed Frey’s “walk of shame.”

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