Marvel’s First Trans Superhero: A 12-Year-Old Who Had Transition Paid by Church Insurance


Marvel, along with other comic brands, have been vocally urged to include more representation of other minority groups as superheroes.

They delivered.

Rebekah, a boy who transitioned to a girl, who has acted as a mainstream representative for transgender causes from a young age has been immortalized as a superhero by Marvel comics.

Advocate was the first outlet to report on Rebekah’s ascension to superstardom:

“I can change the world,” Rebekah asserted in a new episode of Marvel’s Hero Project, a Disney Plus series that profiles youth who are making a difference. Each installment celebrates the accomplishments of the young hero and presents them with a comic book illustrating their “selfless acts of bravery and kindness.”

And indeed, Rebekah did help change the world with bravery and kindness. A native of New Jersey, she and her family partnered with organizations like Garden State Equality to give speeches and demonstrate that trans people are not the villains that the federal government and right-wing media make them out to be.

Rebekah previously appeared before the New Jersey legislature to lobby for Assembly Bill 1335–legislation that would mandate LGBTQ history curriculum in public schools,Advocate reports.

Marvel’s Hero Project is the franchise’s first non-scripted production for any superhero studio and relives Rebekah’s coming out tale, including her unique upbringing where her father was–and continues to be–a Lutheran pastor.

As part of her work, Rebekah seeks to empower young trans people through her story.

The Marvel’s Hero Project featuring Rebekah details her coming out story; beginning at the age of 8 when she started identifying as a girl.

Rebekah’s work wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of her mother, Jamie Bruesehoff.

According to Jamie’s website:

Rebekah is a twelve year old transgender activist, spreading her message of hope for trans and LGBTQ youth internationally through public speaking, television appearances, and social media. She’s testified before the NJ state legislature, spoken at rallies in NY and NJ, and this past summer shared her hopes for the church with 31,000 youth and adults at the Lutheran Youth Gathering in Houston, TX.

She’s been featured by Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, The Advocate Magazine, LGBTQ Nation, British Vogue, and the Human Rights Campaign for her advocacy. She’s appeared on Good Morning Britain and Good Day Philadelphia, received awards for activism and public speaking, and gone viral with videos and images inspiring people of all ages and identities to show up fully as themselves and dare to make the world a better place. She loves rainbows, unicorns, dance, theater, cooking shows and field hockey.

Rebekah’s mother, Jamie, describes herself as follows:

Jamie Bruesehoff (she/her) is an award-winning writer, speaker, and advocate. She is an openly queer woman married to a Lutheran pastor and mom to three spirited children, including a twelve year old transgender daughter. She is passionate about sharing her family’s story, because she believes our stories are bridges to understanding, compassion, and celebration.

Jamie also previously bragged about getting Rebekah’s reassignment treatment on the church’s insurance.

National File reported:

“This was a replacement implant, as she first had this procedure two years ago.⁣ The first picture is her two years ago, and the second is today.

“That is the face of a girl terrified of hospitals and needles, but more terrified of having to live life as someone she is not. That is the face of a girl feeling on top of the world, knowing her body won’t betray her and she’s one step closer to the woman she will grow up to be.⁣”

Jamie then goes on to explain how the costs were covered: “and I’m extra thankful and proud to say that the insurance covering this procedure for my transgender daughter is provided to my husband through his employer… the church.⁣”