Marx-Reading Baptist Pastor Accused of Soliciting ‘Nudes’ from North Carolina Congregant


A sex abuse scandal is rocking a Chapel Hill Baptist church after statement female congregant claimed harassment at the hands of a Baptist Pastor in a Marxist-driven church in North Carolina.

Co-pastor of Jubilee Baptist Church, John Thornton, Jr., has been accused in a statement handed out to news agencies of harassing and targeting a woman and demanding nude photos from her.

The statement also claimed Thornton treated her in ways that made her “high uncomfortable.”

IndyWeek, which received the statement, reported that a woman, who had a relationship with Thorton, told them that she had befriended Thorton, and he quickly started flirting with her.

“I was okay with it and even liked him, but then he started becoming extremely pushy about sexual conversations. I gave in at first because I felt like I had flirted with him, so I must want this, but I always felt uncomfortable,” she said.

“I started to push back when he would ask for naked pictures or for me to take my clothes off during FaceTime. He knew I was uncomfortable, but he would try to keep calm me down so I would keep going,” the woman told Indy Week.

The woman reported numerous times she felt “isolated” and uncomfortable as a result of his secret behavior toward her which was not how he treated other people on social media such as Twitter, according to IndyWeek.

Jubilee Church is Baptist and is partnered with CBF North Carolina,  who claims a unique theology rooted in leftist politics, socialism, and Marxist based ideology.

News of the Jubilee Baptist Church sex abuse scandal is especially concerning at a time when scrutiny of massive Baptist groups like the Southern Baptist Church has revealed a proliferation of Marxist ideology and unethical behavior by less traditional Baptist leaders forced on congregants.

“We as a church understand sexual abuse differently than the legal use for that word,” said Jubliee co-pastor Heather Folliard. “We look at the abuse of power and misconduct similarly. Legally, those are very different things. We are understanding that there could be more legal implications for the [initial] statement that we released than we wished.”

Jubilee Baptist Church has ties to the Democrats Socialists of America, a radical and sometimes violent wing of the Democrat party.

National File contacted Jubliee Baptist Church to ask if they would acknowledge the mass killings under Communism and Socialist regimes.

Thorton is on paid leave while Jubilee investigates itself.