McAuliffe Slurs During Strange Election Night Speech Where He Failed To Concede Despite Governor-Elect Youngkin’s Victory


Following a sweeping defeat against Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe gave an bizarre election night speech in which he failed to concede to the Republican victor.

After facing an embarrassing defeat to Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin, Democrat Terry McAuliffe gave a bizarre election night speech in which he slurred his words and danced strangely, failing to concede the election in Virginia.

After thanking Governor Ralph Northam, the failed gubernatorial candidate said “we still have a lot of votes to count” despite losing the election.

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Amid speculation that the failed Democrat candidate is inebriated, as his lips appear to be darker than usual, McAuliffe bizarrely danced before leaving the stage.

Many speculated whether McAuliffe was drinking prior to the speech, specifically noting the grape-colored hue of his lips.

Chants of “Let’s Go Brandon!” ensued at the headquarters of Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who delivered a sweeping victory against Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial election, as National File previously reported.

Following Governor-Elect Youngkin’s electoral victory, President Donald Trump issued a statement saying “I would like to thank my BASE for coming out in force and voting for Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he would not have been close to winning.”

“The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before. Glenn will be a great governor. Thank you to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and most particularly, to our incredible MAGA voters!” Trump continued.