McCarthy, Who Backed Down On 2020 Election Challenge, Wants You To Know He’s Upset About Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster


Congressman Kevin McCarthy is very upset about Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and acknowledged that it wouldn’t have happened this way under President Donald Trump. However, McCarthy had backed down from the 2020 election challenge amid reports of mass voter fraud, despite President Trump urging Republicans to address it.

During a press conference today, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy suggested that the ongoing Afghanistan disaster would not have occurred under President Donald Trump.

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However, McCarthy refused to do the right thing during election overtime, and signed-on to the official narrative advanced by the FBI, Democrat legislators and the mainstream media: That the chaos and violence on January 6, 2021, on Capitol Hill was effort by “Trump extremists.” Had President Trump been in office, the Afghanistan withdrawal may have turned out better.

“Looking at the past, speaking to Mr. Pompeo, speaking to the former President, I know this would’ve not have taken place,” said McCarthy. Fox News is reporting that the US military has begun withdrawing troops from the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan as an unknown number of American citizens remain stranded in the Taliban nation.

Joe Biden was set to speak to the American people about his botched Afghanistan withdrawal and the ensuing disaster that followed. However, Biden has not appeared and it is expected that he will address America in the next hour, according to Fox News. (READ MORE: HUMILIATION: Taliban Rejects Biden Regime’s Pleas For Permission To Change Withdrawal Deadline, There Will Be ‘No Extensions’)

President Donald Trump recently released a statement slamming Biden for the sloppy Afghanistan withdrawal, noting that new reports suggest only 4,000 of the 37,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan are American citizens, with the rest being likely refugees who will now be settled throughout the West, as National File previously reported.