McCaskill Declares She Will Celebrate Independence Day by Watching Capitol Protest Videos, Claims Jan 6 Was Worse Than Benghazi


Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill declared that she will be celebrating Independence Day by watching videos of the Capitol Hill protests, claiming January 6 was worse than Benghazi.

Appearing on MSNBC on Thursday, after being interviewed on the Capitol Hill protests, McCaskill was asked what her plans were for Independence Day. In a rather bizarre turn of events, she proudly declared that she would be starting a “new family tradition” this July 4. “On the Fourth of July and every Fourth of July going forward, we’re going to watch that video the New York Times put together of January 6,” McCaskill said, with no indication she was being ironic.

Before her rather bizarre comment, McCaskill was discussing the creation of the new select committee put together by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate the Capitol Hill protests, and claimed that it was somehow worse than the Benghazi incident, where four Americans were murdered as a result of failings by the Obama administration, and specifically Hillary Clinton.

“Benghazi had in the House alone, six investigations, including a select committee, and if you compare and contrast, I don’t want to minimise the loss of life in Benghazi, or the problems around the security of those locations, I don’t want to minimise that, but let’s compare and contrast those two events, and which is more foundation-shaking to our democracy,” McCaskill said.

McCaskill claimed that Americans “beating police officers at the heart of our government, trying to protect the elected members of our democracy that carry out the functions of that democracy,” and said it was astounding that Republicans who “pounded the podium for years on Benghazi” are against the January 6 committee. “They’re making it political by refusing to come together and do what most Americans want, and that is, find out what Trump did, why he didn’t do more, why the Pentagon wasn’t ready, all of the questions that still remain unanswered,” she concluded.

The only death that was judged to be a homicide during the Capitol Hill protests this year was Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed Air Force veteran who was shot and killed in cold blood by someone who was allegedly “protecting” the Capitol. Unsurprisingly, it does not seem as if McCaskill’s call for an investigation into the protests has anything to do with uncovering who shot and killed Babbitt.

National File reported in May that Democrats failed to gather the number of votes required for the creation of a 9/11 style commission into January 6, with the bill failing 54-35 in the Senate, unable to reach the 60 votes required to pass it.