Media Accelerates The Political Mainstreaming of Trans Kids


Think of the children, people say; but, in practice, children aren’t even relegated to an afterthought when it comes to promoting radical political theories.

And children are the ones who suffer the consequences from adult’s woke virtue signaling.

But that doesn’t matter.

Society moves inexorably leftward, along with the Overton Window.

The problem with progress is, that it’s 1) not bound to eternal principles, but ‘science’ which can be co-opted by opportunists to consolidate their power and 2) there is no fixed destination or ideal–we are condemned to eternally ride its waves, wherever it takes us.

And this is where we’re at: drag and trans kids.

Drags kids first rose to prominence in 2015 after drag kid, Desmond is Amazing, made waves at a pride parade.

Desmond then became a headliner for Ru Paul’s Drag Race, giving the now twelve-year-old international fame.

Mainstream media publications wrote multiple articles painting drag kids in a positive light.

This shift to normalizing drag kids came at a time significant pushback against the media’s bizarre obsession with framing pedophilia as a sexual orientation–not a crime.

Current Year: Drag Queens, Then Drag Kids, Now Drag Dogs

And now, drag kids have made their way to political arena, in what appears to be a farcical stunt.

At Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Town Hall event, ‘nine-year-old transgender American’ Jacob Lemay asked a question to Warren.

Lemay asked in the clip, “what will you do in your first week as president so kids like me feel safer in schools – and what do you think schools need to do better to make sure that I don’t need to worry about anything but my homework?”

Applauding, Sen. Warren replies, “I like that question, Jacob” before blaming Betsy DeVos.

In the UK, the controversial NHS Tavistock clinic specializing in underage patients suffering from gender dysphoria–as young as the age of THREE–has recently reported a two-year backlog following galloping demand in referrals.

UK Child Becomes First 3-Year-Old Transgendered Child


At the Tavistock clinic, children are given puberty blocking drugs interfering with their development.

Earlier this week, Sky News discovered hundreds of transgender people who wished to ‘detransition’, returning to their original gender.

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