Medical Center Owner Says Michigan Sent CPS to His Home After He Sued Gretchen Whitmer


Wellston Medical Center owner Jordan Warnsholz is speaking out about the persecution he is enduring at the hands of the state of Michigan after he and others sued Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her attorney general and human services director for imposing tyrannical Coronavirus orders this spring that negatively impacted his patients and his own business. This case is similar to the situation in Minnesota, where the state is planning to put kids in foster care if their parents contract the virus, and Oregon, where a salon owner says CPS was sent to her home when she defied the government and opened her business.


“I am going public to expose gov Whitmer for extreme criminal abuse of power against me, my wife, my kids, and my businesses.

Ever since we filed our lawsuit against gov Whitmer (our case will be heard by Michigan’s Supreme Court on September 9th) she has used her power in office to criminally harass me, my family, and my businesses. The last straw was yesterday- The State of Michigan ordered CPS to perform an EMERGENCY welfare check on my kids bc they claim they received an “anonymous tip” that I had “dangerous weapons” in my home! I had to cancel all of my scheduled appointments yesterday afternoon, rush home and meet a CPS worker who demanded to interrogate my 3 kids and inspect my home. It was traumatizing to all of my kids. It was disgusting. It was another criminal abuse of power by gov Whitmer. Here is a list of ALL the other instances of abuse of power we have endured since filing our lawsuit against gov Whitmer:

We filed our lawsuit against gov Whitmer on May 5th:

1) On May 10th (Sunday, Mother’s Day), a DNR officer knocked on my door and told me he was there to serve me my arrest warrant for an infraction that occurred 30 MONTHS PRIOR on 11/22/2017. The “infraction” was actually a WARNING that a DNR officer gave me 2-1/2 years prior for not physically putting my deer tag on my deer that I shot (my deer tag was in my pocket, which I showed the DNR officer). The officer told me to just remember to physically put my deer tag on my deer before I butcher them. Apparently, someone working for the state of MI decided to resurrect the old DNR warning and not just give me the standard $1000 fine, but decided to UP-CHARGE me with “poaching” and ordered that I be thrown in jail for 10 days, a $5,000 fine, multiple misdemeanors, confiscate all of my guns, and revoke my hunting privileges for 6 years!!!
It is absolutely clear that the absurd charges against me, the 30-month delay, and the timing of our lawsuit against gov Whitmer are all extremely unusual and compelling evidence of harassment.

2) The State of Michigan smeared my professional reputation by sticking a label of “substandard care” on my PUBLIC medical license record!! The documents provided to support this horrible designation, and reason for such drastic measures was “failure to update my mailing address”. This unfounded smear against my medical license has hurt me personally and professionally. Patients of mine have transferred OUT of my office because my public medical license now shows I’ve been “convicted” of delivering “substandard care”. The state even BACK-DATED this event to “1/22/19”, which is also completely made up.

3) The state of Michigan on 5/19/20 opened a formal investigation against me after they say that they received an “anonymous” tip that I am practicing medicine under the influence of marijuana and alcohol!! ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! First of all, I do not drink alcohol, and I absolutely do not smoke marijuana! The state of Michigan then demanded that both me and my WIFE hand over our entire personal medical records to the State of MIchigan!! This is a COMPLETE violation of our rights and our privacy! When I refused to do so, the State of MIchigan informed me that I will be charged with even more criminal acts for “obstructing an investigation”. So the State of Michigan is not only trying to intimidate and threaten ME, but now they are also trying to threaten and intimidate my WIFE!! This is absolutely a criminal abuse of power. Also, it was extremely embarrassing to me that the State of Michigan held formal interviews with my employees to question them about if I have ever shown up to work high on marijuana or drunk on alcohol. It was a terrible personal smear against me. ALL of my employees stated emphatically that I have never been intoxicated at work, and informed the state that I also do not even drink alcohol or use marijuana products.

4) The state of Michigan performed a “random” inspection of our office on July 20th. I spoke with the inspector who came to our office, and he acknowledged that the state really has not been performing inspections the past 4 months due to the pandemic, which makes the timing of this inspection very suspect to me.

5) On August 26th we were notified that my businesses are being audited by the state of Michigan.

6) On August 27th the State of Michigan ordered CPS to perform an EMERGENCY “Welfare Check” and interrogations of all 3 of my children because they claim they received an “anonymous tip” that I have “dangerous weapons” in my home.

As you can see, gov Whitmer has been going out of her way to harrass me personally and professionally ever since filing the lawsuit against her in May. She is using her power to harass, smear, and discredit me and my family. She is using her power to inflict emotional and financial trauma on me, my wife, and now my kids. This is wrong. It has been terribly stressful, it has cost me many thousands of dollars in legal fees to counter the attacks against me. I have missed days at work and both me and my wife, and now my kids, are extremely distressed.”

Jordan Warnsholz’s post concludes