Medical Tyranny: Georgetown University Cites COVID and Monkeypox in Bringing Back Mask Mandates


Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Georgetown University is citing both COVID and monkeypox in bringing back mask mandates for the fall of 2022, forcing students to cover their faces when they attend class, though professors who have received multiple COVID jabs will be exempt. The move marks a return to medical face tyranny after the school had previously made masks optional last semester.

The new Georgetown mask mandate comes in spite of an existing COVID vaccine mandate, which forces students who attend classes on campus to receive a total of three jabs at a minimum. Though the Catholic school does allow for religious vaccine exemptions, a 98% supermajority of students are reported to be vaccinated. Just months ago, the school lifted its previous mask mandate, making face coverings optional during the recent spring semester.

In a “public health” announcement made by Georgetown’s Dr. Ranit Mishori, the school claimed that reinstating the mask mandate is part of a “layered approach” to “protecting health and safety.” Also included in the school’s layered approach is “wastewater surveillance,” in which the school will test the flushed feces of its students in an effort to “assess public health conditions” on campus.

Under the renewed mask mandate, students will be required to wear masks when attending classes and participating in labs, though their professors, as long as they’ve received at least three COVID jabs, won’t be.

The students are also forced to wear masks while using university-sponsored transportation and while inside any university health facility. The mandate won’t pertain to “informal gatherings,” allowing Georgetown students to show their faces in libraries and other loosely organized settings.

In addition to citing the three-year-old COVID-19 virus in renewing the school’s mask mandate, Georgetown’s Dr. Mishori cited the ongoing monkeypox outbreak, though he neglected to mention that even the CDC and corporate media are admitting it’s almost exclusively spread through sex between men.

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“On August 4, 2022, the United States declared monkeypox a public health emergency. The virus primarily spreads between people through close contact,” the monkeypox portion of Georgetown’s mask mandate announcement reads.

“According to the CDC, it can also be transmitted via respiratory secretion during prolonged, face-to-face contact,” the announcement went on to say, linking the monkeypox virus to the latest mask mandate.

Along with Georgetown, several American colleges and universities with super majorities of students who are supposedly vaccinated against COVID have reinstated their mask mandates as more and more “fully vaccinated’ individuals fall ill with the disease and suffer from a number of other severe health issues, including sudden death.

This semester, officials at Rice University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and American University have all announced a return to forced face coverings. At George Washington University, a DC neighbor of Georgetown’s, mask mandates never went away and persist into the 2022-2023 academic year.