MEXICO: Lesbian Mom Beats Son to Death for Not Dressing Like a Girl


A young boy from Guanajito, Mexico, was starved, whipped, battered, hammered, burned with cigarettes, frequently physically abused before being beaten to death by his mother for refusing to dress like a girl.

Karol Ramon, a seven-year-old boy, was bludgeoned to death by his mother and lesbian partner for rejecting a girl’s dress, in March.

According to local press Radio Formula, the child was subject to lengthy abuse and mistreatment.

The boy was admitted to hospital after receiving hefty blows to the head and stomach, where he had sustained severe organ damage–which ultimately proved fatal. Medical staff were unable to resuscitate the boy’s lifeless body when he arrived to the emergency room.

During the autopsy, local authorities discovered evidence of cigarette burns and extensive injuries caused by blunt objects over a prolonged period of time, due to differing stages of healed bruising.

Neighbors stated that the mother, known as ‘Margarita’, and her partner subjected the boy to horrendous physical punishment with whips, hammers, chairs, and starvation.

The lesbian partner, known as ‘Esmeralda’, is still on the run after the mother was placed in preventive custody for suspected homicide where she must spend at least four months or until her partner is detained.

The story comes after another gruesome tale from South America was revealed where a mother and her female partner tormented her son for years before performing a botched makeshift reassignment surgery, ripping off the young boy’s genitals, before stabbing him to death and decapitating him while he slept.

The couple killed the young boy as he interfered in their relationship and reminded the mother too much of the boy’s father.

In both cases, the mother and partner allegedly murdered their sons over their son’s refusal–or inability–to become a girl.