MEXICO: Would-be Rapist of 3-Year-Old Boy Badly Beaten by Shopkeepers


A man was left in critical condition after being almost lynched and beaten by furious local store clerks after he attempted to rape a three-year-old boy.

His would-be lynchers initially refused to hand him over to the authorities as they feared that he could be released.

Local news reports, the unnamed man had attempted to rape the toddler, on Úrsulo Galván street, in Veracruz, Mexico, until baffled shopkeepers went to investigate the noise made by the attempted rape.

When the would-be rapist was discovered, the shopkeepers tried to lynch the man when the man was caught touching the boy’s genitals and the three-year-old boy tried to communicate his distress.

The man was beaten with fists, stones, belts, kicks and was stripped to his underwear, leaving him fighting for his life.

Those involved in the attempted lynching justified their actions through their distrust of the authorities’ integrity.

They believed the unnamed man would be freed following the attempted rape.

The boys mother has signaled that she wishes for the police to launch a formal investigation into the man.

The unnamed man, approximately forty years old, was taken to hospital where he remains in critical condition with a serious head injury following the beating.

In another case involving Mexico, a mother beat her son to death for refusing to dress like a girl.

National File reports:

A young boy from Guanajito, Mexico, was starved, whipped, battered, hammered, burned with cigarettes, frequently physically abused before being beaten to death by his mother for refusing to dress like a girl.

Karol Ramon, a seven-year-old boy, was bludgeoned to death by his mother and lesbian partner for rejecting a girl’s dress, in March.

According to local press Radio Formula, the child was subject to lengthy abuse and mistreatment.

The boy was admitted to hospital after receiving hefty blows to the head and stomach, where he had sustained severe organ damage–which ultimately proved fatal. Medical staff were unable to resuscitate the boy’s lifeless body when he arrived to the emergency room.

During the autopsy, local authorities discovered evidence of cigarette burns and extensive injuries caused by blunt objects over a prolonged period of time, due to differing stages of healed bruising.

Neighbors stated that the mother, known as ‘Margarita’, and her partner subjected the boy to horrendous physical punishment with whips, hammers, chairs, and starvation.