Migrant Home Invaders Reportedly Said They Were Trying to Reach New York


Last Updated on September 25, 2022

A farmer in Texas claims that a sizable group of migrants who broke into his 95-year-old grandfather’s home said, “we just want to get to New York.” The illegal aliens were on the run from Border Patrol agents when the break-in occurred.

The farmer, who asked to remain anonymous in a statement to Fox News, said the group of eight migrants first “bull-rushed” his own home. When they were unable to get past the locks, they rushed his grandfather’s house next door.

After gaining entry, the group barricaded the doors behind them and hid in the kitchen. One of the men even said, “we just want to get to New York,” the farmer alleges.

“These guys just bull-rushed our houses. I mean trying to open doors, trying to get in,” he said. “Not everyone is that and I’m in agreement with that, but these guys were trying to get away and get into our houses. That was pretty bad.”

Security footage of the incident, which was captioned with the hashtag #letsgobrandon, was widely viewed on social media. The shocking footage ultimately garnered 136,000 likes and hundreds of comments expressing shock at the realities of border town life.

The unidentified farmer told Fox News that direct migrant encounters are a “daily occurrence.” His ranch, which has reportedly been in his family for multiple generations, extends over the border wall and runs alongside the Rio Grande.

In a follow-up video, the man drew attention to the lack of manpower U.S. Customs and Border Patrol currently possesses, which leaves them unable to deal with the unprecedented migrant surge.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has shipped hundreds of migrants to liberal sanctuary cities such as Washington D.C. and New York. Many in conservative circles have praised the policy, as it exposes leftist hypocrisy, according to them. Others have been more critical, arguing that such policies will merely encourage migrants to continue their journeys in hopes of being shipped to a blue state.

It is unclear whether the recently apprehended migrants were attempting to get to New York as a result of the policy.

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