Mike Lindell Says He Was Assaulted Last Night, Punched In The Ribs Before Cyber Symposium, He’s ‘OK But It Hurts’


Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow who has fought tirelessly to expose what he believes to be a fraudulent election, says he was violently assaulted last night before the third day of his Cyber Symposium attended by many election integrity proponents.

According to Media Right News, the Cyber Symposium has been attended by high profile election integrity proponents including Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers and Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem.

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Right Side Broadcasting reported that Lindell told the crowd he was “physically assaulted following the close of day two of his cyber symposium” in South Dakota. “According to Lindell, he was attacked and punched in the ribs” last night. Lindell spoke to the crowd on Thursday, telling them “I’m okay but it hurts.”

Lindell has become a political punching bag for the left since he began spending millions of dollars to defend his claims of election fraud and prove them true. In January of this year, Lindell was permanently banned from Twitter, with his MyPillow brand to follow shortly after. Only days later, in February, Newsmax host Bob Sellers forcefully denied Lindell’s claims of voter fraud and stormed off set during the pillow icon’s appearance.

The left now claims that his claims of voter fraud have been eviscerated, though many believe Lindell’s statements to be true and vindicated by his series of experts. Prior to the Cyber Symposium, Lindell released a series of documentaries featuring experts who Lindell says are capable of proving the 2020 election was stolen.

Despite outside pressure, Lindell has remained a strong ally of President Donald Trump and populist icons, including Tucker Carlson. Last year, during the post-George Floyd civil unrest and during a concentrated push to convince Carlson’s advertisers to drop his Fox News program, Lindell refused to pull his ads from the popular show, telling reporters that “All lives matter.” Lindell only recently removed his ads from Fox News, citing their refusal to engage with his work to expose election fraud.