Mike Pence Claims He Has ‘Strong Relationship’ With Trump Despite Betraying Him, U.S. Constitution On Jan 6


Mike Pence was lambasted by President Donald Trump for his decision to abandon both the Trump administration and the United States Constitution on January 6, when he ceded the White House to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris without attempting to use every legal means to prevent what many believe are the results of a stolen election. Former Trump advisors, including Peter Navarro, have said that Pence’s future political career is dead, and blamed his former chief of staff. Still, Pence claims he has a “strong relationship” with the man be betrayed.

Pence recently met with a series of top Republican Party establishment leaders at the Republican Study Committee. In the meeting, Pence defended his role in the Trump administration, and claimed that he “maintains a strong relationship with former President Trump” and will defend the accomplishments of the administration going forward.

Perhaps highlighting Pence’s total disconnect from the Republican base, he compared the political atmosphere of 2021 to the political atmosphere of 2009, when many Republican candidates campaigned on Tea Party positions, only to legislate like establishment Republicans after arriving in Washington.

RSC Chairman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) seemed to suggest Pence may run for President in 2024, something he has seemingly hinted at numerous times since leaving office in disgrace.

“I think he’s, he’ll have a powerful moment in the future,” said Banks. “We talked about why he’s going to be doing moving forward and he will be launching his efforts in the near future.”

This potentially fake attempt at courting President Trump, or perhaps more importantly, his voters, comes after Dr. Peter Navarro, the economist who formerly served in the Trump administration as an Assistant to the President, slammed Pence’s right-hand-man and former chief of staff, Marc Short, for being “anti-MAGA” and totally incompetent:

“Now, Marc Short in 2016, pitched an idea to the Koch brothers where he was going to wipe out the Donald in Super Tuesday, he worked for Rubio.” Then, Navarro explains, “He came into that White House, he was incompetent, he failed as the legislative director, he failed running the task force for the vice president, and he did tremendous damage, because what he would always do is block whatever MAGA things they wanted to get done. He really was responsible for some of the failures”

“Not a good guy,” said Navarro, before then turning to Short’s role in the debacle that saw Pence betray President Trump and the America First movement on January 6.

“What Marc Short is about is getting Pence to be President of the Untied States, or if he can’t do that, at least be rich. Neither one of those is going to happen,” said Navarro. “Mike Pence basically left the [2024] presidential race on January 6.”

Pence is reportedly “homeless and couch surfing” after leaving office, as the career government worker has not owned property since the 1990s. He is widely expected to start a new non profit organization that could rake in millions from anonymous conservative donors while allowing Pence to remain close with these individuals in preparation for a potential 2024 run for president.

Despite claiming to have a “strong relationship” with President Trump, it should be noted that as recently as February 4, Pence claimed he was “in fear for his life,” as he was utterly convinced President Trump’s supporters would murder him if given the opportunity.

As National File exclusively reported, Pence attempted a coup against President Trump in the final days of the 2016 presidential election, when he worked with Reince Priebus and other establishment Republicans to strip President Trump from the top of the Republican ticket and take his place.