Minnesota Woman Stabbed, Savagely Beaten for Wearing American Flag T-Shirt


Last Updated on October 16, 2022

A Minnesota woman was stabbed and savagely beaten by a man who police say attacked her for wearing an American flag t-shirt. Peter Paul Jal, who is still at-large, faced numerous felony charges.

Officers arrived at an apartment complex in Mankato, Minnesota on October 2nd after receiving a call from a woman who was brutally attacked by Peter Paul Jal. Jal became enraged when he saw her wearing an American flag t-shirt.

According to charging documents, the woman “was soaking wet head to toe in water,” when officers arrived on the scene and was “actively bleeding from the nose.” Furthermore, her “face was swollen to the point that officers couldn’t see her eyes, and her nose was swollen.”

When officers entered the apartment complex where the attack had taken place, they saw that the property had been wrecked.

The woman told police that “she was assaulted by Paul Peter Jal,” who became “upset” because “she was wearing an American flag shirt.” So “Jal attacked her.”

After trying to choke her out, he delivered repeated blows to her body and face before ripping a towel rack out of a wall and stabbing her with it, telling her that she would “die” that night.

After Jal destroyed the woman’s phone, another person on-scene, who is also listed as a victim of the attack, was able to call 911 and alert the authorities.

23-year-old Peter Paul Jal, on whom limited information is available, has been charged in Blue Earth County Court with multiple felonies. While more charges could be to come, currently, Jal faces counts of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, 3rd-degree assault – substantial bodily harm, and threats of violence.

Despite the nature of his charges, there hasn’t been any talk from local authorities about charged Jal with a hate crime in the anti-American attack.

According to the latest information available from the county justice system, Jal has yet to be arrested on the charges.

In 2021, Jal was charged with fleeing police. Little information is available on his background, though social media comments indicate that he is of Somali or foreign Islamic origin.

Minnesota has become the epicenter of America’s absorption of Somali and third-world Islamic migrants, a number of whom have gone on to be tied to ISIS, Al-Shabab, and other terror networks.

As recently reported by National File, one school district in Burnsville, Minnesota, just outside of Ilahn Omar’s Minneapolis, has produced at least three Islamic terrorists in recent years. If local adults were added to that figure, it would be even higher.

The same school district recently rolled out a Sharia-compliant “school spirit hijab” program for elementary schooler students under the guise of their “Somali cultural liaison.”

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