Mom Killed Daughter, 3, By Abandoning Her to Party For a Week


A mother, who has been dubbed as ‘evil,’ confessed to killing her daughter after abandoning her in a filthy apartment so that she could go partying for a week.

Maria Plenkina, 21, abandoned her young three-year-old daughter, Kristina, who was so hungry that she attempted to eat washing powder.

Kristina was found by her grandmother, Irina, 47, who stopped over at the apartment to wish the toddler a happy third birthday.

The young girl was found naked in a rubbish-brimming apartment, having eaten the scant food her mother had left behind.

Maria had turned off the water in the apartment before leaving.

She had also left her daughter a small amount of chicken, sausages, and yogurt, before Kristina attempted to eat washing powder to stave off her hunger.

The mother now faces eight to twenty years in prison after being found “sane” by psychiatrists and “fully aware of her actions” according to The Mirror.

A criminal investigation into “murder with extreme cruelty” found that Maria had abandoned her daughter in the squalid locked apartment between February 13 to February 20 last year.

Her friend, Anastasia Kurpina, who gave her a place to stay during the week-long bender said that Maria had lied to her over where her daughter was staying, and had told her that a friend was babysitting.

Maria confessed to killing her daughter, but gave contradictory accounts surrounding the food she left for her daughter.

In court, she said: “I never wanted her to die.”

When Maria was arrested by police, they reported that she didn’t cry or show remorse, saying: “She just says in cold blood: ‘Yes, I left, I closed off the water and left the child without water and food’.”

Kristina, the girl’s grandmother, later said that she would’ve happily taken care of her granddaughter had she been asked.

She went onto say: “She lied to me that everything was fine.

“She lied to everyone.

“I never thought that Maria could do such a thing…

“If only I had had spotted something was wrong, I would have taken the girl to me.”

She indicated that there were no prior signs of abuse or neglect.

She added: “She has shown the highest class of professional acting – if you deceive everyone to such an extent.

“I completely did not know my daughter, it turns out.”