Mom Pleads Guilty to Mutilating Son’s Genitals With Pliers


In a sickening case of child abuse, a West Virginia mother has pleaded guilty to mutilating her three-year-old son’s genitals with pliers, starving him, locking him in his room, and subjecting him to physical and mental torture.

Her son was found in a room bolted shut weighing 22lbs, his ribs protruding through his skin, and his buttocks had failed to develop as a result of his malnutrition and were merely sagging folds of skin according to authorities.

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The boy was discovered only wearing his underwear.

Brittany Nicole Lippincott, 29, pleaded guilty to child neglect Tuesday in Marion County Circuit Court.

According to The West Virginian Times:

As part of a plea agreement, Brittany Nicole Lippincott, 29, of 106 Monongah Heights, pleaded guilty before Marion County Judge Patrick N. Wilson to one felony count of child neglect resulting in injury and one felony count of child neglect creating risk of injury or death.

Wilson said there was a “basis in fact” for Lippincott’s pleas, and accepted them, according to her plea agreement. Wilson also stated for the record that Lippincott is “an abusive and/or neglectful parent.”

The judge said the Marion County Probation Office will conduct a pre-sentencing investigation and prepare a report within 60 days, and then Lippincott will come back to court for sentencing. A date for the sentencing was not available Tuesday.

Lippincott will have to register with the West Virginia State Police Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.

Officers told that there had already been active warrants for Lippincott for drugs charges.

During the arrest, drug paraphernalia was found at Lippincott’s home.

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When the boy was questioned on his horrific condition, 7News reports:

When asked about the injuries to his genitals, the boy said: “Mummy did it with pliers”.

The boy also told officials he would “sit at the table and watch them eat, its not my turn”.

A pre-sentencing report is to be completed within the next two months, with a final sentencing date to be set.

The boy is making a recover from his injuries.