‘Monopolies Are Bad for the People’: Elon Musk Supports Tucker in Spat With Hannity Over Jeff Bezos


This Monday, Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk came out in support of the position that Fox News host Tucker Carlson took against Jeff Bezos’ Amazon’s behavior during the coronavirus crisis, stating, “Whether commercial or government, monopolies are bad for the people.”

The comment was made in reference to a post about the viral disagreement between Carlson and fellow Fox News host Sean Sean Hannity, in which Hannity went off-script to defend Bezos, as well as “freedom” and “capitalism.”

Carlson pulled ahead of Hannity in national television ratings in April, and has remained ahead of the elder host ever since.

An article from CNS News about the altercation was posted to Twitter July 24, and was replied to by Musk on Monday July 27.

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“Whether commercial or government, monopolies are bad for the people,” Musk said, voicing support for the position held by Carlson.

By the time of Musk’s comments, Hannity had already issued an apology to Carlson on Twitter which read, “I apologize for any misunderstanding to Tucker and the fox audience. I support freedom and Capitalism. Not people taking advantage of a pandemic. If I see such evidence I will obviously condemn it.”

Musk has taken increasingly politically correct stances on Twitter as of late, mocking communists and the use of politicized gender pronouns.