MTG: Biden’s Illegal Aliens Are ‘ On The Verge Of Replacing’ Americans


Last Updated on October 10, 2022

America First Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted Joe Biden and the Democrats’ open borders agenda as she spoke to the crowd at President Trump’s massive Save America rally in Arizona, where Trump, Greene, and others rallied for the state’s 2022 GOP ticket, which is full of America First candidates.

Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke from the stage at President Trump’s Save America rally and took aim at the Biden open borders agenda that’s flooded the country with millions of illegal aliens and third-world migrants. Most notably, Greene didn’t shy away when it came to mentioning that the nation’s wide open borders threaten to demographically replace the American people and their historic culture.

“Biden’s 5 million illegal aliens are on the verge of replacing you,” Greene told the crowd, impressing upon voters why electing candidates who will secure Arizona’s border with Mexico is of such a dire need for the whole nation.

Open borders and illegal immigration, Greene said, is “replacing your jobs and replacing your kids in school. And coming from all over the world, they’re also replacing your culture,” Greene went on.

“And that’s not great for America.”

See MTG’s comments on Biden’s millions of illegals below:

Arizona’s 2022 GOP field is endorsed by 45th President Trump and comes in the first statewide election held there since the fraud-ridden 2020 presidential race.

Kari Lake, the nominee for Governor, has taken a hardline America First approach to immigration policy and is vowing to secure Arizona’s border herself if Biden won’t act.

In a recent debate with Democrat Mark Kelly, America First Senate nominee Blake Masters, who’s also backed by Trump, pummeled Kelly over his open borders record and called on him to resign as a result.

‘You Should Resign’: Blake Masters Pummels Mark Kelly Over ‘Open Borders’

In a recent tweet, Rep. Greene shared National File’s reporting on the Associated Press fake news machine and defended America First candidate J.R. Majewski from proven-false claims about his military service.

“The media should not smear our veterans and their service to our country just to steer a political narrative,” Greene wrote in the tweet.

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