Mueller Prosecutor on Roger Stone Case Receives Misconduct Allegation


An ethics complaint has been filed with the Justice Department against Aaron Zelinsky, one of the prosecutors of long-time Trump confidant, Roger Stone.

The complaint was filed against Zelinsky by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) and Andrew Miller, a former aide of Roger Stone, to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility. It alleges that Zelinsky, during the Mueller investigation, acted unethically in relation to Miller’s testimony.

The 17-page document argues that Zelinsky abused the grand jury by seeking Miller’s testimony, switched grand juries on Miller without informing him, and misled the court, among other allegations.

Paul Kamenar, the counsel for Miller and the NLPC, said that Zelinsky “abused the grand jury by seeking Mr. Miller’s testimony long after Mr. Stone was indicted, which violates Department of Justice policy prohibiting gathering evidence on a defendant after indictment, unless the government was seeking evidence for new crimes against Mr. Stone or other targets,” adding that neither exception appeared to be the case.”

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Peter Flaherty, the chair of the NLPC, slammed Zelinsky and his actions in the Mueller trial in a statement:

It appears that Mr. Zelinsky’s claim in court that Mr. Miller’s grand jury testimony was needed for an ‘ongoing investigation’ was bogus since Special Counsel Mueller in this report indicated there was no such ongoing investigation in the Stone case unlike in two other cases. Our complaint must be thoroughly investigated and Mr. Zelinsky disciplined if the facts support our claims.

In an interview with National File, Roger Stone slammed Zelinsky as “a pompous, arrogant wind-bag”:

[Zelinsky] bullied virtually every witness in front of the grand jury, and who threatened witnesses, this guy was a deputy counsel with Hillary Clinton at the State Department! He had a direct interest in my case because his emails inside the State Department were among those documents that Julian Assange leaked! They were quite embarrassing to him – again, not a non-political, career prosecutor.