Muslim Migrant Tells Man: ‘You Danes Are Being Exterminated, You’re Like Animals’


A Muslim migrant ranted to a Danish man about how he would not be integrated, telling him that his fellow countrymen were being “exterminated” while comparing them to “animals.”

The video emerged following a protest attended by anti-Islamisation politician Rasmus Paludan at a school in Århus.

Although the video is in Danish and does not contain subtitles, the body language is hard to miss. There is a translation of the transcript below.

According to Voice of Europe, in the relatively unintelligible rant, a transcript was posted onto a local political blog.

The migrant reportedly said:

“We have more children. You get one or two. In ten or fifteen years there will be more Muslims than Danes in this country. … The Danes are five million, You are almost extinct man. … You fuck with animals, that’s why you don’t get children…You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals… I will never be Danish, I want my mentality and my tradition, but I will stick my Danish passport and the Danish People’s Party in my ass, I will burn my Danish passport… We will not integrate, we will continue to fuck your society… Suck a cock!”

Since being posted on April 25, the video has garnered over 318,000 views.

A post recently circulated social media reporting that Pakistani immigrants were considering to leave Denmark after welfare benefits had been cut.

National File recently reported on a similarly hostile migrant situation where a migrant boastfully gesticulates and tells the cameraman “I want you dead”–referring to Europeans.

Via National File:

A young migrant vying to get into Europe says “I want you dead” while making threatening finger gestures to the cameramen in a video circulating Facebook.

The young man appears to be at a refugee camps, surrounded by other migrants in warm clothing, where the interview takes place.

Several heart-wrenching articles about the abject conditions experienced by displaced migrants around Europe are often published by the mainstream press.